Side Quest: Prisoners

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You'll receive this quest from the beggar in the Drainage Tunnels (#1) if you pay him 100 gp.


When you make your donation to the beggar, he'll reveal that there's an exit to the Holding Facility in the cell next to his (Exit A), and he'll tell you that Harker keeps prisoners there. You'll decide to rescue them.

Inside the Holding Facility, you'll encounter a Decontaminator in the first room (#2). It will drop an Iron Cell Key when it dies, which will allow you to unlock the cells in the prison.

You'll find eight groups of prisoners in the prison (#3). Each time you release a group, you'll earn 1000 xp. To complete the quest, you'll just need to release all of the groups.

  • Normal: 642 xp / 2500 gp / Rare Artifact
  • Veteran: 10,000 xp / 25,000 gp / Rare Artifact

1 - Beggar

2 - Decontaminator

3 - Prisoners

  1. Entrance to the Holding Facility.