Ring of Guidance
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While you're in the Giantwoods, you'll meet a merchant named Mr. Bellow Smash Jr., and he'll sell you a strange item called the Ring of Guidance. The ring has several bonuses that need to be unlocked (by dealing damage), but instead of regular bonuses they're actually instructions:

Touch the Idol on the Crystal Workshop
Walk to the altar in the Testing Facility
Throw this ring to the ground; then take it back
Find the wraiths in the Wormwood Chasm
Kill the wraiths but spare the leader

The ring has a minimum level of 35, so even though you can buy it in the normal campaign, you can only follow the instructions in the veteran campaign. In particular, you'll only be able to interact with the "curious idol" in the Crystal Workshop in the veteran campaign.

One important thing to know is that you have to buy a new ring for each character who you want to have follow the instructions. You can't have one character unlock the instructions and then use the ring with other characters. You have to have one character buy the ring, unlock the instructions on the ring, and then use the ring when following the instructions. Any mixing and matching will break the sequence.

To receive the reward that the ring is guiding you to, this is what you'll need to do:
  1. Touch the curious idol in the Crystal Workshop. You'll find it near the entrance. You're not required to be wearing the ring for this, but you should have it with you.

  2. Go to the altar in the Testing Facility (where you find the Dungeonkeeper Gloves) and drop the ring and then pick it back up.

  3. Go to Wormwood Chasm and defeat the wraiths that you find there, but spare the wraith leader. The wights in the area are unrelated and you can kill them to your heart's content. You'll find the wraiths on a small island on the northern side of the map.

  4. If you kill the wraiths without killing the wraith leader, then an ink portal will appear. It will take you to an island to the northwest, where you'll get attacked by several kikimoras and various other spiders.

  5. After the battle you'll find the corpse of a domovoy next to one of the buildings. It will supply you with a nice selection of random loot, likely including multiple unique items.