Main Quest: The Final Confrontation

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In order to keep the Death of Kochei safe, you'll have to claim it for yourself. That means when you enter the Glade of Thorns (#1), you'll need to defeat two bosses rather than one:
  • General Harker will start out on the western side (#2). He'll be protected by force walls, so you won't be able to damage him directly. But you'll be able to kill his soldiers, and since he'll only have a limited number of them, defeating enough of them will also defeat him.

  • The Dryad Queen will start out on the eastern side (#3). She won't have any special defenses, but she'll have an infinite number of minions to send at her enemies. That means to defeat her, you'll actually have to damage her enough to kill her.
Defeating Harker is relatively straightforward. He'll have the same troops here that you've seen before, and defeating them now shouldn't be any more complicated than it was before. You just might need to do some running around when you get surrounded by too many enemies, especially when those enemies are Octopod Annihilators.

But the Dryad Queen can be tricky. She has several special attacks that might be able to kill you in one hit (such as Thorn Shower), and so running up to her and attacking her isn't a great strategy -- although, since she can't regenerate her health, it'll eventually work. You'll just get killed a dozen or so times while wearing her down.

Instead, what you should do is run past the Dryad Queen to the east, to the area where she summons her minions. If you stand in the southern part of this area (#4), then about half of the queen's minions will attack you and die, and the other half will attack General Harker's troops. These latter minions won't be able to stop Harker's troops, and so some of them will get through to attack the queen. As a result, Harker's troops will damage the queen, and the queen and her minions will damage Harker's troops, and both bosses will lose health at roughly the same rate.

If you notice that one boss or the other is starting to pull too far ahead of the other, then you can make some adjustments. If the queen pulls ahead, then you can start killing all of her minions, which will give Harker's troops free rein to attack the queen. If Harker pulls ahead, then you can head west to kill some of his troops directly, which will prevent the queen from taking any damage at all. Ideally, when one boss dies, the other will be about dead, and it won't be difficult for you to finish him or her off. Harker is much easier to kill, so you might want to guarantee that he wins the duel.

To help you out in the battle, you'll be able to call down artillery strikes five times, just like you did in Viaduct Junction in Chapter 2. We'd recommend saving these just in case Harker dies first and the queen has a lot of health left. If you completed the quest Hex Poles in Wormwood Chasm, then you'll also be able to call in reinforcements nine times. These reinforcements won't be a lot of help, but you can always use them as cannon fodder to distract your enemies.

When the two bosses die, Prisoner Seven will show up. He'll take the Death of Kochei and thank you for fetching it for him, and then he'll disappear, setting up the finale of the trilogy. This conversation will also complete the quest (and the game). You won't receive a reward.

Note: The enemies on the battlefield will at most drop health and mana potions. So if you're playing on veteran, you should turn off any trophies that make enemies more powerful but give you better magic find or gold find.

1 - Starting Point

2 - General Harker

3 - Dryad Queen

4 - Killing Ground