Gameplay Notes
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We wrote this walkthrough using the normal and hard difficulties, and version 1.1.01 of the game.

Quest walkthroughs only contain information relevant to the quests. For more detailed information about the maps where the quests take place, please refer to the Locations section.

Some minor side quests are handled in the quest entry or the location entry for where they take place.


The max level for Van Helsing is 60. The max level for Katarina is 55.

There are two campaigns in the game. In the normal campaign enemies start at Level 1 and go up to Level 30. In the veteran campaign enemies start at Level 30 and go up to Level 60. You can use the same character in both campaigns if you want, or you can import a character from the first Van Helsing game and play him in the veteran campaign.

To import a character from the first game, go to the main screen and press "change character" (if you already have one or more characters), then press "create," then press "veteran," and finally press "import."

If you play the campaign on normal and repeat it on veteran, then none of the quests will reward you with attribute points or skill points. Because of this, if you want your Level 60 character to be as powerful as possible, you should play the original Van Helsing campaign and then import that character to play Van Helsing II's veteran campaign.

You'll probably hit the maximum Critical Damage value early on in the veteran campaign. That means the Luck attribute isn't as important in this game as it was in the original.

If you get an attribute to 300, then increasing it will starting costing 2 points instead of 1.


You won't be able to use the trophy desk in the Secret Lair until Level 31.

You won't be able to dismantle any item for runecrafting if it has a level requirement of 30 or lower.

The level requirement on equipment refers to Van Helsing's level, even if the item is going to be worn by Katarina.

The engine for Van Helsing II is largely the same as it was for the original Van Helsing. That means almost all of the Gameplay Notes from the first game still apply here.