Side Quest: The Black Idol

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You'll receive this quest from an Adept of Perun on Thunderhead Mountain (#1).


The adept will tell you that he hired a monster hunter to destroy a nearby black idol, but that the hunter has neither returned nor completed the task. The adept will then reveal that the idol is allowing monsters to invade the mountain from the ink, and he'll ask you to complete the job in the other hunter's place.

There isn't much to this quest. You'll just need to follow the path to the northeast until you come to the dead hunter (#2) and the idol (#3). Along the way you'll encounter giantesses and dreadwolves, plus an Ice Empress at the end. After defeating these enemies, clicking on the idol will destroy it. Katerina will then summon an exit portal, which will allow you to return to the adept and complete the quest.

  • Normal: 2542 xp / 4000 gp / 2 Ability Points / Epic Artifact
  • Veteran: 30,000 xp / 40,000 gp / 2 Ability Points / Epic Artifact

1 - Adept of Perun

2 - Dead Hunter

3 - Black Idol

  1. Ink gate.