Side Quest: Enemy Strongpoint

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You'll receive this quest immediately after completing the quest Enemy Outpost.


For this quest you'll need to head over to the ornithopter control tower (#1) and help the Resistance to take it back. You'll find three groups of enemies surrounding the tower (#2), and you'll need to defeat all three. These enemies will include Targeting Apparatuses and Combat Armored Wagons, so you'll need to keep moving in order to avoid the worst of the damage.

After freeing the tower, you'll gain control of a Resistance captain and his troops. You'll be able to order them to stay at the tower or help you with other quests. Resistance soldiers aren't much of a bonus, and Harker's artillery fire can take them out quickly, so we always leave them at the tower.

At some point after completing the quest, Harker will send a single rift shell full of troops to try and take back the control tower. As far as we can tell, these enemies won't do anything other than stand around and wait for you to show up (or fight any Resistance troops you might have left behind), so there isn't any reason to hurry back and deal with them.

  • Normal: 4477 xp / 3500 gp / Rare Artifact
  • Veteran: 25,000 xp / 35,000 gp / Rare Artifact

1 - Ornithopter Control Tower

2 - Enemy Troops