Side Quest: The Phlogiston Plant

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You'll receive this quest from Captain Volovich (#1) after completing the quest The First Wave.


Volovich will ask you to destroy one of the elevated railway tracks leading to his position, and he'll reveal that there's a phlogiston plant located right underneath it. To blow up the plant -- and thus the offensive railway track -- you'll need to open three gas valves (#2). Chances are, at least two groups of champion creatures will be guarding the valves, so you'll need to be ready for some tough fights.

After turning the valves, you'll need to leave the plant area and click on the semafor controller (#3) near Volovich's position. Flipping the switch will blow up the plant and complete the quest.

Note: You'll only be able to complete this quest before the second wave of attacks.


1 - Captain Volovich

2 - Gas Valves

3 - Semafor Controller