Main Quest: The Secret Weapon

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At the start of this quest, Prisoner Seven will reveal that General Harker has started up his Animated Extraction Rig -- aka his Doomsday Drilling Device -- and that it's currently grinding its way towards your Secret Lair. To get to the rig, you'll have to go to the Floating Platform where you'll find Harker's riftshells. You'll then be able to program one of the riftshells to take you to the rig.

After telling you the plan of attack, Prisoner Seven will create an ink portal to the Floating Platform. You'll find it right next to Commander Petrov and your Command Post. Then on the Floating Platform (#1), you'll basically just need to head north until you come to a control panel (#2). Flipping the semafor controller there will activate the riftshell (Exit A). Entering the riftshell will complete the quest.


1 - Starting Point

2 - Control Panel

  1. Riftshell.