Main Quest: The First Wave

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When you talk to Commander Petrov (#1) at the start of the quest, you'll get two dialogue options. If you tell Petrov to deal with the Resistance soldiers himself, then the first wave of attacks will start immediately. Otherwise, you'll get a chance to talk to the Resistance captains in the front line (#2) and give them orders. We didn't notice any particular difference for the different orders, or from allowing Petrov to handle the orders, but you should try to keep as many Resistance soldiers alive as possible (for the third wave, which you can fail). So say whatever seems best to the captains, and then return to Petrov. When you tell him that all is ready, the attack will start.

When Harker's troops appear, they'll head straight for the front line captains (#2). The captains and their squads will kill some of the attackers for you, and you'll need to mop up the rest. If you have any trouble, just retreat back to some Resistance fighters and let them help you. The quest will end when all of the first wave attackers have been killed.

  • Normal: 780 xp / 2000 gp / 2 Attribute Points / Rare Belt, Boots or Gloves
  • Veteran: 15,000 xp / 20,000 gp / 2 Attribute Points / Rare Belt, Boots or Gloves

1 - Base Camp

2 - Captains