Location: Floating Platform

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1 - Barrel

Inside this barrel you'll find a Shadow Candle.

2 - Old Crate

Inside this crate you'll find a Dark Force Cloak, which will turn into a relic when you return to the Secret Lair.

3 - Squirrels

If you kill a couple of the neutral squirrels here, then you'll trigger a mass squirrel attack, which is one of the secrets for the chapter.

4 - Control Panel

When you flip the switch of the semafor controller here, you'll activate a riftshell (Exit A), which will allow you to travel to the Animated Extraction Rig.

5 - Treasure Chest

Inside this treasure chest you'll find a Hunter Candle.

  1. Riftshell. Once you've activated the riftshell (at #4), it will take you to the Animated Extraction Rig and the final battle of Chapter 2. See the quest entry for Goliath for more information about the Extraction Rig.
  2. Ink gate.