Location: Viaduct Junction (Chapter 2)

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1 - Captain Vrikov

Captain Vrikov is involved in the main quest Counteroffensive. He'll join you at this point, and he'll assist you in combat while you're in the area -- at least until he dies.

2 - Outpost

You'll need to defeat this outpost for the quest Enemy Outpost.

3 - Ornithopter Control Tower

You'll need to take back the ornithopter control tower for the quest Enemy Strongpoint.

4 - Railway Gun

You'll need to destroy the Railway Gun for the quest The Railway Gun.

5 - Alpha Prototype

This Alpha Prototype will start out neutral to you. If you click on him, then he'll ask you if Katarina is Sarah Connor. If you answer "No," then he'll go back to walking around. If you answer "Maybe she is," then he'll attack. The Alpha Prototype will drop a Poison Candle and a random set item when he dies. Killing the Alpha Prototype is one of the secrets for the chapter.

Note: You'll find two Alpha Prototypes on this map. You'll need to kill the other one (#9) for the quest Bounty Hunting.

6 - Artillery Platforms

Each time you capture one of these platforms (by defeating all of the enemies around it) you'll gain two more artillery strikes for while you're in Viaduct Junction. Capturing all three platforms will prevent Harker from bombarding you in the region. You'll need to capture one of the platforms for the quest The Artillery.

7 - Gasmask Man

You'll need to kill the Gasmask Man for the quest Bounty Hunting.

8 - Captain Blood

You'll need to kill Captain Blood for the quest Bounty Hunting.

9 - Alpha Prototype

You'll need to kill this Alpha Prototype for the quest Bounty Hunting.

10 - Thieves

If you walk up to the doorway at the end of the alley here, then you'll hear a pair of thieves talking about their stash, and how one barrel of loot is still outside. You'll then be able to interact with an "old crate" near the door, inside of which you'll find a Spirit Candle and more. Completing this sequence is one of the secrets for the chapter.

  1. Exit to the Secret Lair.
  2. Exit to the Foundry. You'll encounter two Doomsday Automatons here.
  3. Ink gate.