Location: Warrens of Thought (AR1600)

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1 - Mantuok

When you first enter the Warrens of Thought, you'll be stopped here by a wererat named Mantuok. Most things you say to Mantuok will get you teleported into a prison (#2), but two paths through the conversation will give different results:
  • You can tell Mantuok that you've come to see him, that Soego sent you (provided that you learned his secret in the Dead Nations), and that you have a message for Many-as-One. This will cause Mantuok to teleport you to Many-as-One (#5).

  • You can tell Mantuok that you've come from the Buried Village, that you're not a scavenger, and that you seek Many-as-One. This will allow you to say that you have a message for Many-as-One -- and then attack Mantuok when he leans in to hear it. Killing Mantuok will earn you 1400 xp, and you'll find The Grimoire of Pestilential Thought on his corpse. Instead of attacking Mantuok, you can also refuse to tell him the message and claim that you have news. This will cause Mantuok to teleport you to Many-as-One (#5).
If Mantuok survives his encounter with you, then afterwards he'll leave the warrens, and you'll later meet him again beneath the Bones of the Night in the Lower Ward.

2 - Prison

This is where you'll get sent if you don't say the right things to Mantuok (#1). If you loot all of the containers in this chamber, then you'll find a Baatezu Mace, a Blood Fly Charm, three Corpse Fly Charms, a Gold Ring, two Heart Charms, and more.

3 - Prison Door

If you were sent to prison (#2) by Mantuok (#1), then when you click on this door, you'll start a conversation with the wererat guards on the other side. If you have Strength 13+, Intelligence 13+, or Charisma 13+, then you'll be able to convince the guards to let you out. You can also bribe them with 100 coppers. For any of the above cases, you'll earn 3750 xp for dealing with the situation in a peaceful manner.

If Annah is in your party, then one of the wererat guards (Shaddeus) will recognize her, kill his partner, and let you out. You can also bash open the door, kill the guards, and escape that way. But neither of these latter two methods will earn you any extra xp.

Regardless of how you escape the prison, all of the rats in the warrens (except possibly the guards) will turn hostile.

4 - Shelf

Inside this shelf, you'll find a Scroll of Ball Lightning.

5 - The Cranium Rat Collective

When you enter this chamber, you'll begin a conversation with Many-as-One, "the many who think as one." Your conversation will lead to one of two outcomes:
  • If you're decisive in your responses and make statements rather than asking questions, or (with Intelligence 14+) wonder why Many-as-One can't read your mind, then you'll work out a deal with the collective. This will cause Many-as-One to hire you to kill the Silent King in the Dead Nations. After learning the Silent King's secret, when you return to Many-as-One, you'll be able to tell him the truth or lie to him. Either way, you'll earn 7500 xp for your efforts.

    Note: If you tell the truth to Many-as-One, then he might reward you with a memory. This will earn you 4000 xp with Wisdom 14+, 3000 xp with Wisdom 9-13, or 2000 xp otherwise.

  • If you say anything else to Many-as-One, then he'll send a seemingly endless supply of Cranium Rats to attack you. You'll also get hit with spells from the "spectator rats" that you can't do anything about. But eventually, after killing 40 or so rats, Many-as-One will yield, and no more rats will appear in the chamber. The rats in the warrens will also turn non-hostile (if they were hostile before). If you want, you can also avoid the fight and leave the chamber immediately, but for that case the rats in the warrens will turn (or stay) hostile, and you'll probably have to kill dozens of them on your way out anyway. So you might as well fight in the chamber.
Either way, after meeting with Many-as-One, you should be able to explore the warrens peacefully and loot some useful containers (#2, #4, #6) before leaving.

6 - Barrel

Inside the barrel here you'll find Murk.

  1. Exit to the Weeping Stone Catacombs.
  2. Exit to the Drowned Nations. A locked door will block this exit. The door never unlocked for us, and it can't be picked or bashed, so you might have to use the other exit (Exit A).