Location: Mausoleum (AR0208, AR0209)

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1 - Guardian Spirit

Right after entering the Mausoleum, you'll be confronted by a Guardian Spirit. He'll call you a "defiler" and demand that you leave, but while you're talking to him, he'll mention that you're not the first "insolent mortal" to enter his domain lately. If you offer to remove this other intruder, then the Guardian Spirit will grant you free passage.

You'll find the other intruder, Stahan Runeshadow, in the inner chamber (#4). Defeating him will earn you 2000 xp from the spirit. You can also kill the spirit, but this will only earn you 1000 xp.

2 - Skeleton Workers

You'll encounter a few groups of Skeleton Workers in the Mausoleum. Near each one you'll find some open graves, which you'll be able to loot for Bandages, a Bone Charm, a Clot Charm, a Heart Charm, a Silver Ring, and more.

3 - Giant Skeletons

You'll encounter two Giant Skeletons in the Mausoleum. If it's early in the game, we'd recommend that you have Morte tank them (by having him use his Litany of Curses ability on them, or by having him attack first) since he'll likely have a much better AC than you.

4 - Strahan Runeshadow

No matter what you say to Runeshadow, he and his skeletons will attack you. Runeshadow is the reason the skeletons (inside the inner chamber and elsewhere in the Mausoleum) are active, so when you kill him, you'll also defeat the skeletons. So concentrate your attacks on Runeshadow, and kill him as quickly as possible.

Runeshadow will drop a Magus Guard and a Scroll of Ice Knife when he dies. Defeating him will also complete quests for the Guardian Spirit (who will reward you when you exit the inner chamber) and Norochj in the Gathering Dust Bar in the Hive Northeast.

5 - Podium

Inside this podium, you'll find a Bone Dagger, a Scroll of Chromatic Orb, a Scroll of Strength, and Strahan's Diary (which will indicate that Strahan needed your blood to become a lich).

  1. Mausoleum entrance.
  2. Passage.
  3. Passage to inner chamber.