Location: Curst Gone (AR0800)

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1 - Starting Point

This is where you'll start out in the region that used to contain Curst but now no longer does. When you approach the exit portal (Exit A), you'll learn that Curst has gotten itself mixed in with Carceri and that "the deva awaits you."

Note: You can rest anywhere in Curst Gone, which is a good idea if you're going to fight the fiend (#2).

2 - Fiend from Moridor's Box

Way back in the Hive Northwest, if you completed Mar's quest by having Aola the priest banish the fiend from Moridor's box, then you'll encounter the fiend here. It won't be happy to see you, and it'll attack you on sight. The fiend is tough, but if you can defeat it then you'll earn 500,000 xp, and you'll find the Aegis of Torment and 1000 coppers on its corpse.

The easiest way to defeat the fiend is to have your character tank it (assuming your character is capable of tanking). Then each time you die, you'll just respawn at full health at the starting point (#1), which will allow you to rush back and continue the battle. The fiend won't regenerate any health during this time, so eventually you'll wear it down.

  1. Portal to Carceri.