Location: The Hive Southeast (AR0400, AR0402)

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1 - Ku'atraa's Warehouse

Ku'atraa is involved in Mar's quest from the Hive Northwest.

2 - Hive Thugs

The three thugs here (wearing red) are a part of Porphiron's quest in the Hive Northwest.

3 - Jhelai

You'll meet Jhelai walking along the street south of the Smoldering Corpse Bar (Exit C). He's involved in Craddock's quest from the Hive Southwest.

4 - Drunk Harlot

Somewhere in the district, you'll run into a Drunk Harlot. When you talk to her, she'll do her best to distract you with her charms, but strangely she won't want to go anywhere with you. However, if you have Wisdom 16+, Pickpocket 10+, or Annah in your party, then you'll detect her stealing 5 coppers from you, and you'll realize that she's really a thief.

If you bait her into robbing you again, then you'll lose another 5 coppers, but you'll gain a bonus based on your Wisdom:
  • Wisdom 1-13: 750 xp plus +1 to Pick Pockets
  • Wisdom 14-15: 1000 xp plus +3 to Pick Pockets
  • Wisdom 16+: 1250 xp plus +5 to Pick Pockets
With Dexterity 13+, you can also grab the harlot's hand as she attempts to leave. This will allow you to threaten her into returning what she stole, plus more. In total, you can receive the coppers she lifted from you, 58 other coppers, a Silver Earring, and more. If the harlot simply flees, then you can kill her and loot her body for the coppers she took, 38 other coppers, a Bronze Ring, and more.

5 - Amarysse

You'll meet a harlot named Amarysse here. She's involved in Nodd's quest from Ragpicker's Square.

6 - Barking-Wilder

Barking-Wilder is your conduit into the Xaositect (Chaosman) faction. To talk to him (about anything), you'll first need to growl at him, then snarl and start barking at him, and finally improvise a song -- and a crazy one at that. With that introduction out of the way, if you're Chaotic enough, then you'll get the dialogue option: "Join the can I the chaosmen?" Barking-Wilder will respond by slapping you. This will put you in the Chaosman faction and earn you 1000 xp, provided you haven't joined any other factions yet. Afterwards, if you ask Barking-Wilder to join again, and say "Exactly!" when he points out that you're already a member, then you'll earn an additional 2000 xp.

Joining the Chaosmen will pretty much ensure that you'll never be lawful or even neutral ever again, but it will make traveling through the Tenement of Thugs (Exit D) easier, and it will also allow you to purchase the Howl of Pandemonium spell.

You can also ask Barking-Wilder about your missing journal. He'll claim that you're missing more than one, and he'll tell you to look in the Hall of the Sensates (the Civic Festhall in the Clerk's Ward) and in "a tomb sealed deep beneath the city where the stones weep" (the Weeping Stone Catacombs). This will earn you 1000 xp.

7 - Fell's Tattoo Parlor

Inside this shop, you'll meet a Dabus named Fell. He'll sell you all of the tattoos in the game (which are handled like clothing items and aren't permanent), although for some to appear you'll have to do certain things first. These things include completing quests, recruiting companions, and finding items. For example, if you complete the Crier of Es-Annon's quest in the Hive Southwest, then the Tattoo of Dreams of Es-Annon will become available. So be sure to check Fell's stock every so often.

If Annah is in your party, then she will become very skittish around Fell, but you can assure her that there isn't anything to worry about. If you're speaking the truth, then your alignment will shift toward Lawful. If you're lying, then your alignment will shift toward Chaotic.

By default, you won't understand what Fell is saying to you. To learn the Dabus language, you'll need to speak with a Dabus, and you'll need to have at least Intelligence 13 and Wisdom 13. After recruiting Dak'kon, you can also use him as a translator. Fell is the only Dabus who will say anything interesting.

After obtaining the Severed Arm (Yours) from the Crypt of Dismemberment in the Weeping Stone Catacombs, you can show it to Fell. This will cause four new tattoos to appear in his shop: the Tattoo of Silent Coins, the Tattoo of the Lost Incarnation, the Tattoo of the Weeping Stones, and the Tattoo of Wasting Darkness.

You can also ask Fell about the arm. If you use Dak'kon as your translator, and if you have Wisdom 15+, then you'll realize that Dak'kon is hiding something from you. You can simply demand an explanation, which will earn you 250 xp, but it's more rewarding to be convincing. With Charisma 14+ or Intelligence 15+, you'll earn 500 xp. With Wisdom 13+, you'll earn 750 xp. Regardless of your method, you'll learn about four companions you traveled with in a previous incarnation: Deionarra, Dak'kon, Morte, and "he who sees what others don't." However, Dak'kon will not reveal anything more in front of Fell.

When you speak with Dak'kon again, you'll be able to quiz him about your four previous companions. With Intelligence or Wisdom 15+, you'll learn that Dak'kon was a slave (3000 xp) and that you rescued him from destruction (6000 xp). You'll also learn that the "he who sees what others don't" companion was named Xachariah (3000 xp).

8 - Starved Dog Barking Thugs

You'll meet three Starved Dog Barking Thugs around here. If you talk to them, then they'll attack you, even if you try barking and howling with them. You'll need to kill the thugs for Sev'Tai at the Dustman Monument in the Hive Northeast. You'll earn 175 xp for each one you kill.

9 - Mourns-for-Trees

You'll meet a man named Mourns-for-Trees here. He'll tell you that the trees in the Hive are dying, but that maybe they'd be doing better if people actually cared about them. If you agree with him, and agree to care about the trees, then you'll earn 500 xp. If you can also get 2-3 companions to care, too, then you'll earn another 500 xp. Just don't ask Ignus to care, as he might decide to attack Mourns-for-Trees instead.

10 - Damsel in Distress

You'll meet a Damsel in Distress around here. She'll claim that her sister is being attacked and try to lure you into the alley to the south. If you follow her, then you'll get ambushed by three Hive Thugs. But if you keep talking to her, and if you have Intelligence 14+, then you'll eventually detect that she's lying to you, and you'll earn 500 xp. Just note: the dialogue route is guaranteed to make you more Evil or Chaotic, so if that's not your goal then you should just accept the ambush.

Note: If you detect the lies, you can still head into the alley and experience the ambush if you want.

11 - Drusilla

Drusilla will tell you a bit about Ignus (#19), the bar's namesake.

12 - Ebb Creakknees and Candrian

You'll find Ebb Creakknees and Candrian sitting at the table here. Creakknees is a good source of information. He'll tell you about himself, the bar, Sigil, Pharod, and more. You'll also meet him again later when you reach Carceri, so you might as well introduce yourself to him.

Candrian is a Planewalker and thus possesses much knowledge about the many doors into and out of Sigil. If you previously spoke with Ingress in the Hive Northeast, then you can tell Candrian about her dilemma and he'll agree to help her. After returning to Ingress and then returning to Candrian, you'll learn that Ingress made it home safely. This will earn you 750 xp and a set of Ingress' Teeth for Morte. These chompers will increase in power as Morte gains levels, so you'll definitely want to obtain them if you have the time.

You can also quiz Candrian about the Negative Material Plane and how he survived there. During his answer, he'll give you a Negative Token, which will increase your Armor Class against Shadows and can also be invoked to paralyze the creatures when you're battling them.

13 - Alais

You'll meet an out-of-towner named Alais here. If you ask him about the patrons in the bar, then he'll mention talking about the "plains" with Ebb Creakknees (#11). When you correct his error, you'll receive 250 xp.

14 - Barkis

Barkis is the bartender. He'll recognize you when you approach him, and he'll tell you that he has one of your old eyes. For 500 coppers (or 300 with Charisma 13+), you can purchase the eye back from Barkis. This will earn you 750 xp plus a proficiency point. But note: replacing your eye will damage you for 15 hp, and if this kills you then you won't get anything for obtaining the eye, and you'll end up back in the Mortuary.

Barkis will also tell you that one of his patrons looks like she's preparing to leave without paying her tab. So he'll ask you to collect it for him. The patron is Mochai, who you'll find on the eastern side of the bar (#20). However, Mochai will claim that she's broke and can't pay anything. So all you'll be able to do is loan her 100 coppers so she can make a down payment on her tab (Good), or distract her and then pour a Jar of Embalming Fluid into her drink (Evil). The latter option will kill Mochai, and it'll only work if you have Dexterity 13+, but you'll find 85 coppers on her corpse. Either way, when you return to Barkis, you'll earn 1000 xp, and Barkis will stop charging you for drinks.

15 - Ilquix

If you talk to Ilquix, then he'll tell you how much he likes Chaos and dislikes Law. If you lie to him or agree with him, then you'll become more Chaotic. If you tell the truth and disagree with him, then you'll become more Lawful.

Ilquix is actually a Glabrezu pretending to be a man. If you force-attack him and manage to kill him (which is tough), then you'll earn 12,000 xp, and nobody in the bar will intervene.

16 - Dak'kon

You'll meet a githzerai named Dak'kon here. If you ask him about Sigil and convince him that it's not flawed (which requires Intelligence 14+ or Wisdom 14+), then you'll earn 500 xp. If you argue that the city doesn't need to be ordered to have a purpose, then you'll become more Chaotic. If instead you argue that maybe Dak'kon just doesn't see its purpose, then you'll become more Lawful. Furthermore, if you convince Dak'kon that maybe he's flawed for thinking that Sigil is flawed, then he'll offer to join your party. Accepting him will earn you 1000 xp.

17 - O

At this spot you'll meet O, a patronizing letter from the divine alphabet. He'll claim that he knows all about you, including where to find your journal and Pharod, but he won't tell you anything useful. However, if you're polite to him and ask him about the secrets of existence, then he'll give you a permanent Wisdom +1 bonus before disappearing.

18 - Aethelgrin and Tegar'in

At the table here, you'll meet the fiends Aethelgrin and Tegar'in. They'll talk to themselves as much as they'll talk to you, and you probably won't learn anything useful from them -- unless you're interested in fiends.

19 - Ignus

Ignus the "smoldering corpse" is a potential companion, but you probably won't be able to add him the first time you see him. However, after you've obtained the Decanter of Endless Water from the Drowned Nations, and after you've learned the command word from Nemelle in the Clerk's Ward, you'll be able to use the decanter on Ignus to set him free. This will earn you 5000 xp and allow you to recruit the fiery mage into your ranks.

20 - Mochai

You'll meet a bar patron named Mochai here. She'll pretend to be a Dustman, although it'll be clear that she doesn't know much about the faction. If you blackmail her about this, then you'll become more Evil, but you'll be able to take her for a total of 75 coppers. Mochai is also involved in Barkis' quest (#14).

21 - Adahn the Imagined

If you bring up Adahn's name in enough (about a dozen) conversations, then he'll appear here, and he'll believe that you're his friend. This will allow you to collect some items from him:
  • With Intelligence 14+ or Wisdom 14+, you can receive Adahn's Ring. This will earn you 250 xp.

  • With Intelligence 16+ or Wisdom 16+, you can receive 100 coppers. This will earn you 500 xp.

  • With Intelligence 17+ or Wisdom 17+, you can receive Adahn's Dagger. This will earn you 1000 xp.
If you ask Adahn if he might be nothing more than a figment of your imagination, or if you collect the three items listed above, then he'll disappear.

  1. Exit to the Hive Northeast.
  2. Exit to the Hive Southwest.
  3. Entrance to the Smoldering Corpse Bar.
  4. Painted door to the Tenement of Thugs. You won't be able to enter this building until you've added Annah to your party.