Location: Curst Underground (AR0708)

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1 - Tek'elach

You'll meet a greater baatezu named Tek'elach here. He'll tell you a few things of interest, including that Curst is a border town, which means it can slide into different planes depending on the actions and beliefs of its residents. This will become relevant in your near future. Nothing good or bad will happen if you kill the nearby nesting lemures and nupperibo.

2 - Container

Inside the container here, you'll find a Ring of the Traveler.

3 - Voorsha

Somewhere around here, you'll run into a smuggler named Voorsha. He'll tell you that he's been having trouble with a gehreleth nearby, and he'll ask you to kill it. You'll find the demon -- named Ghrist -- to the north (#4). You'll earn 14,000 xp for defeating it, but when you return to Voorsha, you'll discover that he didn't expect you to win. He'll then attack you. You'll earn 270 xp for defeating Voorsha, and when you loot his cargo, you'll find some charms, some spell scrolls, and over 1000 coppers.

Note: Nearby to the east, you'll encounter a pair of traps.

4 - Ghrist

At this spot, you'll meet Ghrist the gehreleth. No matter what you say to him, he'll attack you. You'll need to kill Grist for Voorsha's quest (#3).

5 - Hermit

You'll meet a hermit around here. If you tell him that you're looking for a deva, then he'll give you a Scroll of Guardian Mantle. He'll also allow you to rest. If you panic and kill the hermit, then you'll earn 100 xp, and you'll find the spell scroll on his corpse.

6 - Container

Inside the container here, you'll find a Ring of Fallen Stars.

  1. One-way entrance from the Traitor's Gate Tavern.
  2. One-way entrance from Outer Curst.
  3. Exit to the Curst Prison.