Location: Trash Warrens (AR0108)

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1 - Anamoli

When you enter the Trash Warrens for the first time, Anamoli and his Collector buddies will aggressively confront you. If you have Wisdom 13+ and mention the Lady, or Strength 14+ and mention the Mortuary, then they'll allow you to pass unharmed. Otherwise, they'll attack you.

2 - Shelf

Inside this shelf, you'll find Bandages, three (Lesser) Dustman Embalming Charms, and more.

3 - Box

Inside this box, you'll find a collection of items, including a Cranium Rat Charm, three Cranium Rat Tails, a High Quality Stiletto, and 37 coppers.

4 - Ambush

If you kill the Collector here, then several Trash Warren Thugs will appear out of the walls and attack you.

5 - Ambush

In this part of the Warrens, a Buried Villager will race off to the north -- and lead you right to several hostile Collectors and villagers, who will proceed to attack you.

6 - Pocket of Trash

Inside this "pocket" in the Trash Warrens, you'll encounter ten Cranium Rats, which is enough of them that they'll be able to cast spells at you. After dealing with the rats, when you loot the box on the western side of the chamber, you'll find two Clot Charms, a Club of Nettles, a Sadistic Frame, a Scroll of Magic Missile, and 314 coppers.

7 - Bish

You'll run into Bish and nine of his cronies guarding the trapdoor exit from the Trash Warrens. You'll have a few possible ways to deal with them:
  • With Intelligence 13+, you can say, "I was told I could find Pharod around these parts" (if you were truthful about not knowing your name) or "Perhaps Pharod's confidence in you does not extend as far as you might think" (if you lied and said your name is Adahn). For either case, Bish will let you through, and you'll earn 1200 xp.

  • With Charisma 13+, you can say "I don't want to cause any trouble." Bish will leave you alone for this case as well, but you won't earn any xp.

  • Finally, you can give Bish all of your coppers (not recommended), or you can start a fight (which will earn you about 1200 xp).

  1. Exit to Ragpicker's Square.
  2. Portal. This portal will only activate if somebody in your party is carrying a Cranium Rat Tail (#3).
  3. Exit to the Buried Village.