Location: Return to Sigil
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When you return to Sigil after defeating Trias in Carceri, there'll be some new things that you can do in town before heading to the Fortress of Regrets and ending the game. These things are listed below:
  • Coaxmetal (in the Siege Tower in the Lower Ward). If you talk to Coaxmetal about anything and finish up your conversation by saying "farewell" (rather than "leave the golem alone"), then he'll ask you for the Modron Cube, assuming you have it. If you give the cube up, then you'll receive the Entropic Blade and 12,000 xp in return, but you'll become much more Evil. If you refuse to make the trade, then you'll become much more Good. But either way, Coaxmetal will evict you from his shop, and the entrance portal will stop working.

  • Fell (in his tattoo parlor the Hive Southeast). He'll likely have several new tattoos available for sale, including possibly Tattoo of the Betrayer, Tattoo of the Redeemer, Tattoo of Ravel, Tattoo of Ravel's Kiss, and Tattoo of the Silver Tongue.

  • Mebbeth (in Ragpicker's Square). When you talk to her, you'll learn that she's dying painfully. If you still have a Black-Barbed Seed from Ravel's Maze, then you'll be able to give it to her and speed up the process. This will earn you 12,000 xp.

    Note: Ravel's other manifestations, Ei-Vene (in the Mortuary) and Marta (in the Buried Village), won't be around.

  • UnderSigil (in the Clerk's Ward). Along with the Trelons (worth 1400 xp) and Larval Worms (worth 8000 xp) that you saw before, Greater Glabrezu (worth 70,000 xp) will also start spawning, and they'll have a chance of dropping some nice equipment. However, Greater Glabrezu have a low spawn rate, and their "good item" drop rate is also low, so you should only target them if you don't mind grinding. But if you're lucky, then you might find the Aegis of Torment, Bell's Shield, Heaven and Earth, Ring Zero, or Umei Kaihen.
When you're ready to tackle the Fortress of Regrets, you should head into the Mortuary. You'll find the portal to the fortress on Level 2 -- in the very room where you started the game. Going through the portal is a one-way trip, and it'll lead you to the end of the game, so you should finish up whatever else you need to do before proceeding.

When you get close to the portal, you'll get dialogue options allowing you to tear off a Strip of Skin and write a regret on it. This will form a Skin of Regrets and earn you 250,000 xp. It won't make any difference which regret you pick.

If you have Morte or Dak'kon with you, then they'll reveal that the three of you have been in the fortress before, and they'll tell you a bit about what happened. Morte will also inform you that when you go through the portal, everybody will get separated. So it's a good idea for you to keep important items on your character, including the Blade of the Immortal, the Bronze Sphere, Deionarra's Wedding Ring, and the Negative Token.