Location: The Hive Southwest (AR0300)

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1 - Marketplace

You'll meet several shopkeepers in the marketplace:
  • Gaoha. He'll try to interest you in a game of dice, but after you've won once or lost twice, he'll inform you that you have no luck -- "or you make your own, perhaps" -- and he'll stop playing with you.

  • Giscorl. He'll sell you Bandages and Needles and Thread. He'll also buy armor, charms and scrolls. He won't tell you what happened to his hands.

  • Kossah-Jai. She'll try to sell you fish heads.

  • Prophyra. You'll only be able to listen to her rant.

  • Hive Shopkeeper (Dver's Concoctions, next to Kossah-Jai). He'll sell you charms, including Blood Charms, Clot Charms, and Heart Charms. He'll also buy jewelry and identify items.

  • Hive Shopkeeper (Tylero's Steel, next to Kossah-Jai). He'll sell you weapons, including a Battle Axe of Quality and a High Quality Sledgehammer. He'll also buy weapons and identify items.

  • Hive Merchant (on platform). He'll sell you a Pet Lim-Lim for 40 coppers. If you talk to the Lim-Lim (by right-clicking on it in your inventory and pressing the "talk to item" button), then you'll be able to put it on the ground and let it follow you around like an extra companion. It'll even attack enemies, and enemies won't attack it back. The Lim-Lim can also be used to help you join the Anarchist faction (provided you don't mind turning it to stone).

2 - Craddock

You'll meet Craddock standing in the marketplace. After delivering the message from Baen the Sender (in the Hive Northeast) to him, he'll ask you to track down "that Hive-bred goat" Jhelai and get him to return to work. You'll find Jhelai next to the Smoldering Corpse Bar in the Hive Southeast.

When you find Jhelai, he'll make it clear -- in no uncertain terms -- that working isn't on his agenda for today. This will net you 250 xp. When you relay this information to Craddock, you'll earn 500 xp, and Craddock will let you complete Jhelai's job, which will earn you 10 coppers. If you use Jhelai's exact words with Craddock, then Craddock will begin swearing, which will grant Morte a new entry in his Litany of Curses ability.

3 - Reekwind

You'll meet an aromatic man named Reekwind here. For three coppers each, he'll tell you stories, including his, yours, Pharod's and more. Some of these stories will lead to useful rewards:
  • If you let Reekwind tell you his story, then he'll relate how he told a fat, bald man his true name, and how that man cursed him to be forever dirty and stinky. You'll find the fat, bald man -- Jumble Murdersense -- in the Civic Festhall in the Clerk's Ward. Jumble won't have much to say to you unless you threaten him, and at that point he'll curse you to have the hiccups. Whatever you do, don't retaliate by attacking him, or else you'll be stuck with the hiccups for the rest of the game.

    To end your curse, you'll need to exit the Civic Festhall and talk to Salabash the Onyx just outside. If you explain your predicament to him and pretend to doubt his ability, then he'll teach you a curse that you can use on Jumble. Back inside, cursing Jumble will cause him to lose his voice -- and his ability to curse -- and he'll quickly agree remove your curse and Reekwind's. This will earn you 11,000 xp in total. Then when you return to Reekwind, you'll receive an additional 5000 xp.

  • If you ask Reekwind about "this area," then he'll tell you how the Alley of Dangerous Angles came to be burned by the mage Ignus, and how Ignus was later punished -- unsuccessfully -- for his deed. When you later talk to Ignus (in the Smoldering Corpse Bar in the Hive Southeast), knowledge of these events will allow you to learn some of his magic.

  • If you ask Reekwind about your story and finish it for him, then he'll give you a Clipped Copper Piece, and you'll earn 1000 xp. But if you let Reekwind finish the story, then you'll only earn 500 xp.

4 - Iron Nalls

You'll meet a woman named Iron Nalls here. She'll give you some background information about herself and the Hive.

5 - Ash-Mantle

Around here you'll meet a thief pretending to be a Dustman. If you catch him in enough lies and grab his hand (which requires Dexterity 13+), then you'll be able to get some information out of him (and maybe 50 coppers) and force him to end his charade (or kill him). Otherwise, he'll turn hostile and run away. If you kill the imposter, then you'll earn 35 xp, and you'll find a Jagged Knife on his corpse. You'll need to deal with Ash-Mantle for Norochj's quest in the Hive Northeast.

6 - Meir'am

Meir'am will remember seeing you a long time ago, and she'll tell you about the people who were with you (including Deionarra).

7 - Office of Vermin and Disease Control

Outside this office, you'll meet Creeden, the Butcherer-of-Rats. He'll sell you cooked cranium rats. If you eat 100 of them (at 3 coppers each), then you'll unlock the Tattoo of Devouring Vermin at Fell's Tattoo Parlor in the Hive Southeast. Creeden will also tell you about the office behind him and why Sigil is called the City of Doors.

Inside the office, you'll meet Phineas T. Lort XXXIX. He'll inform you that he's paying a bounty of 1 copper per Cranium Rat Tail, which you'll find in abundance when you eventually make it down to the Dead Nations. This is the exact same price that regular merchants will pay you for the tails, so it's not much of a bargain.

However, after turning in six Cranium Rat Tails, the next time you talk to Lort, he'll tell you that a giant rat was sent to kill him, and he'll ask you to go down into his basement and deal with it. He'll then give you Phineas' Key so you can unlock the door. Inside the basement, you'll encounter a Wererat. Killing it will earn you 270 xp. You'll also find two Bandages, a Needle and Thread, and a Charm of Infinite Recall in the basement. When you return to Lort after exterminating his problem, you'll receive 200 coppers and 1000 xp -- unless you robbed him earlier, and then you'll only receive half that amount.

Finally, if you ask Lort what he's doing in the office, then his story will cause you to fall asleep, which will allow you to rest for free.

8 - Hive Dwellings

You won't find anything of interest inside these dwellings.

9 - Crier of Es-Annon

Wandering the street here, you'll meet a man called the Crier of Es-Annon. He'll tell you that he mourns for the dead city of Es-Annon, and that he tries to make people remember its name. You'll have two ways to help the man:
  • You can tell the crier about tombstones, which should work for a city just like they work for people. He'll think this is an excellent idea. You'll then need to visit Death-of-Names in the Hive Northeast and have him record Es-Annon on the Dustman Monument there. This will cost you 3 coppers but earn you 500 xp. Then when you return to the crier, you'll receive another 500 xp, plus 5 coppers if you ask for recompense.

  • If you have Charisma 14+, Intelligence 14+, or Wisdom 14+, then you can convince the crier that his actions aren't doing him or the dead city any good. This will earn you 750 xp.

10 - Brasken's Kip

Brasken is involved in Mar's quest from the Hive Northwest.

  1. Exit to the Hive Northwest.
  2. Exit to the Alley of Dangerous Angles.
  3. Exit to the Hive Southeast.