Location: Ravel's Maze (AR0610)

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To meet with Ravel Puzzlewell in this maze, you'll need to complete three steps:
  • You'll need to travel to the Private Sensorium and interact with Ravel's sensory stone. This will allow Ravel to speak to you, and she'll invite you to meet with her. She'll also tell you that to reach her maze, you'll need to find the door and the key.

  • For the door, you'll need to pick up the Dodecahedron from your room in the Civic Festhall, and learn how to read it from Finam the Linguist in the Clerk's Ward. From the Dodecahedron, you'll discover that you have a legacy waiting for you at the advocate's house in the Clerk's Ward. This will net you a Godsman Receipt, which you can turn in at the Great Foundry for the door -- an Unfolding Portal.

  • For the key, you'll first need to talk to Quell in the Private Sensorium. After bribing him with a Chocolate Quasit, he'll tell you that you'll need a piece of Ravel to activate the portal. To acquire this piece, you'll need to complete quests for Dolora and Ecco at the Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts. Between the two, you'll learn that Kesai-Serris, another student at the brothel, is a daughter of Ravel.

    However, when you ask Kesai-Serris about this, she'll deny it. To prove that she's wrong, you'll need to talk to two more students at the brothel -- Juliette and Kimasxi Adder-Tongue. From them you'll learn that Kesai-Serris' father is a half-fiend. When you return to Kesai-Serris after this, she'll contact her father and learn the truth -- that she is in fact a daughter of Ravel.

    So to get a piece of Ravel, you'll just need to collect a few drops of Kesai-Serris' blood in a Handkerchief. You can find a Handkerchief in a few rooms in the brothel, plus in Finam the Linguist's house in the Clerk's Ward and in one of the vacant rooms in the Civic Festhall. When you hand over the Handkerchief to Kesai-Serris, she'll prick her finger and give you a Bloody Handkerchief in return. This will earn you 40,000 xp.
Once you have the Unfolding Portal and the Bloody Handkerchief, using the portal in your inventory will send you to Ravel's Maze. But be warned: you won't be allowed to return to Sigil for a while, so be sure you complete whatever shopping / resting / questing you need to do before continuing.

Inside the Maze

Inside the maze, you'll encounter some Trigits (worth 750 xp) and traps, but if you've survived UnderSigil and the Modron Maze, then nothing here should cause you any problems. The "maze" isn't really much of a maze, and before long you'll find Ravel Puzzlewell in its center (#2).

Ravel will tell you lots of interesting things, so you should pay attention to everything she has to say. In order to receive a large wisdom and xp bonus at the end of the conversation, you'll need to treat Ravel with respect and flatter her as much as possible. You'll receive extra (and better) conversation options with Charisma 13+ and with Charisma 16+, so if you can bump up your Charisma before talking to her (with tattoos and the Friends spell being two options), then you should. Just starting up your conversation with Ravel will earn you 90,000 xp.

During the first half of the conversation, Ravel will ask you questions, culminating with the infamous line, "What can change the nature of a man?" It won't make any difference how you respond, as Ravel will only care what your answer is rather than what the right answer (if such a thing exists) might be.

You'll then be able to ask Ravel questions:
  • When you ask Ravel about your mortality, she'll reveal that she took it from you, but she won't remember where it is now. However, she'll tell you that there is someone who might know the answer -- a deva (aka angel) who is stuck in a prison. Ravel won't name any names, but eventually you'll figure out that she's referring to Trias in Curst. Getting this information will earn you 180,000 xp.

  • When you ask Ravel about the other forms she's taken, she'll reveal that she was Ei-Vene in the Mortuary, Marta in the Buried Village, and Mebbeth in Ragpicker's Square. If you thank Ravel for helping you as Ei-Vene, and if you stand your ground, then Ravel will stitch you up like Ei-Vene did, and you'll receive +3 maximum hp. If you thank Ravel for helping you as Marta, and if you let her work on you, then she'll pull out your intestines, which will net you an Intestinal Phylactery. And finally, if you thank Ravel for helping you as Mebbeth, then Ravel will ask you why you want to be a mage, and you'll have to echo the answer you gave Mebbeth earlier in the game. This will earn you 90,000-120,000 xp, plus +1 Intelligence and / or +1 Wisdom (with the answer "I seek power" giving the best results).

  • When you ask Ravel why she tried to free the Lady of Pain from Sigil, she'll tell you that she doesn't like to see things caged. With Intelligence 16+ or Wisdom 16+, you'll be able to follow up your question by asking Ravel if that's why she freed you from your mortality. Ravel won't like that turn of the conversation, and she'll pull out some of her hair when she asks you to stop. This will net you Ravel's Gray Hair and 90,000 xp. You'll be able to use the hair to activate the portal leading to Ravel's secret garden (Exit D).

  • If you're a mage or have Charisma 12+, then you'll be able to ask Ravel to teach you magic. This will give you a reward depending on your Intelligence and class specializations:

    • With Intelligence 1-11, you'll receive one Black-Barbed Seed and 30,000 xp.

    • With Intelligence 12-13, you'll receive three seeds and 60,000 xp.

    • With Intelligence 14-16, you'll receive six seeds and 60,000 xp.

    • With Intelligence 17+, you'll receive six seeds, one Black-Barbed Charm, and 90,000 xp.

    • With one mage specialization, you'll receive the Intelligence 17+ reward, even if your Intelligence is lower.

    • With both mage specializations, you'll receive the Intelligence 17+ reward, but with 120,000 xp instead of 90,000 xp.

  • When you ask Ravel how to exit the maze, she'll tell you to "step from the edge of the maze into the darkness." This is a hint to use one of the portals (Exit C).
Finally, at the end of the conversation, Ravel will grant you a boon. This reward will depend on how kind you were to Ravel during your conversation with her. If you flattered her 1-6 times, then you'll receive +1 Wisdom and 90,000 xp. If you flattered her 7-10 times, then you'll receive +1 Wisdom and 120,000 xp. And if you flattered her 11+ times, then you'll receive +2 Wisdom and 180,000 xp.

Of course, when the conversation is complete, Ravel won't want you to leave, and no matter what you say to her, she'll attack you. For best results, ignore the Trigits that Ravel summons and concentrate your attacks on her. Ravel won't be able to last long under that sort of assault, and when she dies you'll earn 32,000 xp. You'll also find a Black-Barbed Charm, The Fiendish Eye of Kalem'Darr, three Heart Charms, Ravel's Fingernail, and a Scroll of Blacksphere on her corpse.

But you won't be done yet. With Ravel's death, Shadows (worth 420 xp) and Greater Shadows (1000 xp) will start appearing in the maze, and you'll also have to deal with respawning Trigits. Meanwhile, if you acquired Ravel's Gray Hair during your conversation with her, then you'll be able to use it to activate a portal (Exit D), which will grant you access to Ravel's secret garden. Inside the garden, you'll find three twigs on the ground (#3), and each one will allow you to turn a Black-Barbed Seed into a Black-Barbed Branch Wand. These wands will have a number of charges based on your Intelligence and what you said to Ravel:
  • With Intelligence 1-15, the wands will have 9 charges.
  • With Intelligence 16+, they'll have 33 charges.
  • If you learned magic from Ravel, then the wands will have 66 charges (with Intelligence 1-15) or 99 charges (with Intelligence 16+) instead.
You can also use the Black-Barbed Seeds to cast or learn the Black-Barbed Curse spell, or as a gift for Mebbeth in Ragpicker's Square when you eventually make it back to Sigil (the seed will grant her a quick death and earn you 12,000 xp).

When you're ready to leave the maze, head over to the one working exit portal (Exit C), and use it to teleport to Curst. When you leave, you'll witness a cut scene where Ravel will get up from her death, have a conversation with the Transcendent One, and then get killed for real.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Ravel Puzzlewell

3 - Twigs

  1. Portal. This portal will take you clockwise (to Exit B).
  2. Portal. This portal will take you clockwise (to Exit C).
  3. Portal. When you first enter the maze, this portal will take you clockwise (to Exit A), but after meeting with Ravel (#2), it'll take you to Curst instead.
  4. Portal to Ravel's secret garden.