Location: Baator (AR1000, AR1001)

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This is it: the Big One, the Nine Hells, the Pit of Darkness, the Stinking Mire, whatever. It's got more names than there are prime-material worlds. It's the plane of the most dangerous evil there is: the baatezu, fiends of unsurpassed power. These monstrous beings are absolute masters of their plane. Among their kind exists a rigid hierarchy of domination that defines all life on Baator.

1 - Starting Point

This is where you'll start out in Baator. As you explore the region, you'll encounter Black Abishai (worth 7000 xp), Cornugons (worth 10,000 xp), Green Abishai (worth 8000 xp), Lemures (worth 120 xp), Nupperibo (worth 120 xp), and Red Abishai (worth 9000 xp). Some of these creatures will spawn each time you enter the map, but generally they'll only appear one at a time, making them easy to defeat.

2 - Damsel in Distress

At this spot, you'll discover a Damsel in Distress being attacked by a Green Abishai. When you rush in to help, five Lemures will spawn and ambush you. If you rescue the damsel, then she'll just turn into another Green Abishai.

3 - Pillar of Skulls

You'll be able to ask this pillar several questions, just at a high price. The questions and prices are listed below.

  • "What are you?" If you have any companions around, then one of them will answer this question for you -- and call the skulls "liars" -- and the answer won't cost you anything. But if you're alone, then you'll have to pay one of the prices listed below. Interestingly, the pillar will use the word "liars," too.

  • "How do I reach the Fortress of Regrets?" You'll learn that a portal leads to the fortress, and that the key is regret, which you'll have to write on a strip of your skin. The pillar won't know where the portal is, but it'll reveal that Trias lied to you, and that he knows where to find it. You'll encounter Trias again in the Curst Administration Building.

  • "Who am I?" The pillar will simply tell you a few things that you should already know, like that each time you "die," another dies in your place, and a shadow is created.

  • "Who is my killer?" The pillar won't know the answer to this, and it won't charge you anything.

  • "How might I leave this place?" The pillar will teach you how to use the exit portal (Exit A). This question will only appear if you didn't learn the answer from Fhjull in the Outlands.
  • Annah. She won't agree to this, and she'll attack you. Worse, her death won't satisfy the pillar, so you'll lose her from your party, and you'll still have to pay a price.

  • Fall-from-Grace. She won't agree to this, either, and she'll disappear. So like with Annah, picking her won't help you any.

  • The location of Fhjull Fork-Tongued. With Charisma 18+, you'll be able to lie to the pillar, and it'll believe you. Otherwise, when you attempt to exit the Pillar of Skulls map, the pillar will summon a Cornugon and three Red Abishai (plus some Lemures), and it will send them to the Outlands to kill Fhjull (and you'll have to watch this cut scene play out before you can leave). Then when you return to Fhjull, you'll arrive just before the demon attack takes place. You'll need to ask him how to leave the Outlands during this brief respite, because Fhjull will turn hostile during the attack, and you'll lose him as a source of information.

  • Modron Cube. When you return to Sigil, you'll be able to give the cube to Coaxmetal in the Lower Ward and receive the Entropic Blade in return. So if you really want the blade, then you should hang onto the cube. Otherwise, the cube is an easy price to pay, provided that you've already explored the Modron Maze.

  • Morte. He won't be happy about this, but you'll be able to sacrifice him. Afterwards, if you're double specialized in a class, then you'll be able to pull Morte back out of the pillar, but the effort will cost you 5 maximum hp. You'll be able to repeat this maneuver multiple times (making it better than giving your blood).

  • Your blood. This will cost you 15 maximum hp. You'll be able to use this price multiple times.
Note: If Annah is with you, then you'll see Pharod's head in the pillar.

Another note: If Morte is with you and if you repeatedly refuse to give him up, then you'll get ambushed by a Cornugon and four Red Abishai when you return to the Baator map.

  1. Portal back to the Outlands. You'll only detect this portal after learning how to activate it from Fhjull in the Outlands or from the Pillar of Skulls (#3).
  2. Entrance to the Pillar of Skulls.