Location: Drowned Nations (AR1700)

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1 - Crypt

Inside this crypt, you'll find four Bandages, an Enchanted Hammer, and a Gold Ring.

2 - Crypt

Inside this crypt, you'll discover a Trocopotaca guarding a corpse. You'll earn 850 xp for defeating the creature, and you'll find an Abyssal Pipe, a Blood Charm, and more on the corpse.

3 - Guarded Crate

You'll encounter two regular Trocopotacas and a Wounded Trocopotaca guarding a crate here. You'll earn 1970 xp for defeating the creatures, and you'll find 371 coppers inside the crate.

4 - Ambush

When you reach this spot, six Lesser Vargouilles will spawn and attack you. You'll earn 1200 xp for defeating them.

5 - Ambush

When you enter this part of the map, you'll get ambushed by a dozen Lesser Vargouilles. You'll earn 2400 xp for defeating them. After the battle, you'll find a Blood Charm, a War Hammer, and more on a corpse. You'll also find the Decanter of Endless Water just sitting on the floor. You'll need the decanter for Glyve's quest in the Weeping Stone Catacombs, and also to recruit Ignus in the Smoldering Corpse Bar in the Hive Southeast.

6 - Nameless Zombie's Crypt

Inside this crypt, you'll find a chest containing a Blood Charm, a Gold Bracelet, Spiked Knuckles, and more. You'll also be able to examine the Nameless Zombie's sarcophagus, but you won't be able to make out her name.

7 - Locked Chest

In a locked chest here, you'll find a Bone Charm, three Charms of Infinite Recall, Enchanted Punch Daggers, and more.

8 - Corpse

You'll encounter two Trocopotacas guarding the corpse here. You'll earn 1700 xp for defeating the creatures, and then when you loot the corpse you'll find a Bronze Sphere. You'll need the sphere for Pharod's quest in Pharod's Court. You'll also be able to use the sphere near the end of the game in the Fortress of Regrets.

  1. Exit to the Dead Nations.
  2. Exit to the Warrens of Thought.
  3. Sealed passageway to the Nameless One's Tomb. Only the Nameless One will be able to enter the tomb, so make sure he has plenty of inventory space available.