Location: Carceri (AR0900)

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There's some berks that say Sigil's a birdcage, a prison, and other folks are too dim to realize it. Well, they ain't seen Carceri. That's a prison. Sigil's a holy temple compared to this plane. Known as Tarterus to green primes, Carceri is the land of exiles, the place where the outcast, the overthrown, and the defeated fume and plot for the day when they'll return. Olympic titans are the best known of the lot. Carceri plays its role in the Blood War by serving as a mustering ground and battlefield for the mindless armies of gehreleth.

1 - Starting Point

When you first arrive in Carceri, you'll earn 75,000 xp.

2 - Tovus and Berrog

At this spot, you'll find Tovus Giljaf (the Burgher of Curst) and Berrog Quickshoes (who you might remember from the Traitor's Gate Tavern) stuck underneath a cart. With Intelligence 14+, you'll be able to save both of them, which will earn you a Scroll of Deathbolt and 225,000 xp. Otherwise, you'll only be able to save one, which will earn you a Scroll of Deathbolt (either given by Tovus or found on his corpse) and 125,000 xp.

3 - Kyse

Around here, you'll run into Kyse, the dump caretaker (who you might remember from Curst). He'll reveal that Trias is the reason that Curst has merged with Carceri, and he'll list two things that you'll need to do to put Curst back where it belongs: perform good deeds, which will weaken Trias, and then confront Trias directly in battle. Kyse will also give you a Scroll of Meteor Storm Bombardment to help you out.

4 - Gehreleth Attack

At this spot, you'll discover two gehreleth attacking some townsfolk. You'll earn 14,000 xp for each gehreleth you kill, plus 225,000 xp at the end of the battle.

5 - Judgment

On the platform here, you'll witness An'izius (who you might remember from Curst and the Curst Prison) being judged for one of his crimes. If you stay back and watch the proceedings, then An'izius will get executed, and you'll find an Enchanted Battle Axe and 3000 coppers on his corpse. But if you step in and convince the judge to let An'izius go, then you'll earn 225,000 xp.

6 - Distillery

When you enter the distillery here, you'll find Kester (who you might remember from Curst) being attacked by three thugs. Nothing will happen if you manage to rescue Kester, and he won't act like a shopkeeper. But you'll be able to rest inside the distillery, so it's still a useful place to visit.

7 - Jasilya

If Jasilya survived your rescue attempt in Curst, then you'll find her in trouble again here. She'll have four Curst Thugs following her around, no doubt with evil intentions in mind. To save Jasilya, you'll just need to defeat the thugs in battle. This will earn you 75,000 xp.

8 - Warehouse

Just outside the warehouse here, you'll run into the guard Jujog and several looters, and you'll discover that they're planning to rush in and rob the warehouse blind. With Charisma 15+, Intelligence 15+ or Wisdom 15+, you'll be able to convince the troublemakers to do something more productive instead, which will earn you 150,000 xp. Otherwise, you'll only be able to stop them by attacking them, which will earn you 560 xp.

Inside the warehouse, you'll meet Ebb Creakknees (who you might remember from the Smoldering Corpse Bar in the Hive Southeast), plus several anarchists. Ebb will inform you that he and his friends are planning to overthrow Curst's government. If you convince him that such actions will only make the situation worse, then you'll earn a Scroll of Desert Hell and 225,000 xp, and Ebb and the anarchists will rush out to fight the demons. If you instead attack Ebb to stop him, then you'll only earn 4700 xp.

Also inside the warehouse, you'll find several items that you can loot: a Charcoal Charm, a Magus Shield, a Scroll of Ball Lightning, a Scroll of Cure Critical Wounds, a Scroll of Ice Knife, and 733 coppers. You'll also find an Ancient Scroll. If you're currently a mage of at least level 12, then using the scroll will grant you a wish:

9 - Barracks

When you enter the barracks, you'll find two guards attacking a sohmien. All three will be hostile, and you'll earn 7500 xp for defeating them. After the battle, you'll be allowed to rest inside the barracks.

10 - Demon Fight

At this spot, you'll discover Agril-Shanak (who you might remember from Curst) fighting Tek'elach (who you might remember from the Curst Underground). They'll concentrate on each other and ignore you. However, if you join in, then you'll earn 12,000 for defeating Agril-Shanak and 10,000 for defeating Tek'elach.

11 - Crazy Mages

At these two spots, you'll encounter Crazy Mages. They'll harass you with spells. You won't be able to reach the mages to hit them with melee attacks, but if you have ranged weapons or spells, then you should be able to kill them quickly. The mages will spawn each time you enter the Carceri map.

12 - Gehreleth Attack

At this spot, you'll discover two gehreleth attacking some guards. You'll earn 14,000 xp for each gehreleth you kill.

13 - Angry Mob

On the bridge here, you'll witness several angry citizens accosting a Curst Official. If you intervene and save the official (by talking to the Angry Curst Citizen), then you'll earn 150,000 xp.

14 - Hezobol

On the platform here, you'll meet a mage named Hezobol, who will tell you that he's using the chaos in the city as an opportunity to round up slaves. If you convince him to change his ways, then you'll earn 150,000 xp. If you kill him (and his guards) to stop him, then you'll only earn 3500 xp.

15 - Hermit

Somewhere around here, you'll run into a hermit. He'll tell you how much you've weakened Trias, and he'll offer you healing. The hermit will disappear after you've spoken to him, so try to avoid him until you've completed what you want to do in Carceri and you're ready to enter the Curst Administration Building (Exit A) to confront Trias.

  1. Entrance to the Curst Administration Building.