Location: Pharod's Court and Vault (AR0105, AR0110)

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1 - Pharod

When you talk to Pharod, he'll make you a deal. If you bring him back the Bronze Sphere buried deep within the catacombs beneath the Hive, then he'll tell you lots of things that you once knew but now don't remember.

You can also ask Pharod about the corpses that he's been delivering to the Dustmen. If you vow not to tell anyone his secret (or lie), then he'll reveal that he's gained access to where the Dustmen bury their corpses, allowing him to sell the same bodies over and over again. This is information that Sharegrave in Ragpicker's Square and Emoric at the Gathering Dust Bar in the Hive Northeast want to know.

You'll find the Bronze Sphere in the Drowned Nations. You won't have to do anything tricky or (too) dangerous to get it. When you deliver the sphere to Pharod, you'll earn 15,000 xp, and Pharod will relate what he knows about you. He'll tell you that in a previous life you simply asked him for a "boon" -- that if any of his Collectors found your body, they would deliver it safely to the Mortuary. With Charisma 13+, Intelligence 14+, or Wisdom 14+, you can demand to know why he agreed to this deal, and he'll reveal that you had killed several of his Collectors before making the "request."

When you ask Pharod what items you had on your corpse, he'll tell you that his daughter Annah (who you might remember from the Hive Northeast) found your body, and only she would know. If you have Intelligence 14+, then you can demand the cut he received for your corpse, and he'll give you some items based on your Charisma.
At this point Annah will show up and join your party, and she'll agree to take you to where she found your body. If you agree to go there right away, then you'll move to the entrance of the Tenement of Thugs in the Hive Southeast. Otherwise, you'll stay where you are, and you'll have to walk there.

Note: When you eventually enter the Tenement of Thugs, shadows will descend upon Pharod and kill him. This will allow you to return to his court and loot his corpse, where you'll find the Bronze Sphere, Pharod's Crutch, and more. You'll be able to use the sphere near the end of the game when you're in the Fortress of Regrets. Pharod's Crutch will allow you to use the portal leading to Pharod's Vault (Exit B). If you try to kill Pharod before this point, then you'll be forced to load your game.

2 - Shelves

Inside these shelves, you'll find a Blood Charm and a Blood Fly Charm.

3 - Shelves

Inside these shelves, you'll find a Scroll of Chromatic Orb and a Scroll of Magic Missile.

4 - Shelves

Inside these shelves, you'll find a Scroll of Swarm Curse and 45 coppers.

5 - Table

On the table here, you'll find seven Bandages, a Jar of Embalming Fluid, and three Needles and Thread.

6 - Shelves

Inside these shelves, you'll find a Stinger Earring.

7 - Shelves

Inside these shelves, you'll find an Angle-Less Eye.

  1. Exit to the Buried Village.
  2. One-way portal to Pharod's Vault. You'll need Pharod's Crutch (#1) to activate this portal.
  3. One-way portal to Pharod's Court. You'll need Pharod's Crutch (#1) to activate this portal.