Location: Player's Maze (AR1900)

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The Mazes are the grandest of all Sigil's punishments, and the Lady of Pain saves them for the worst threats to her power. They're a part and yet not a part of the city, and no sane basher wants to go there. The Mazes are the Lady's special birdcages for the would-be power mongers of Sigil.

1 - Starting Point

This is where you'll get sent if you anger the Lady of Pain -- most likely by becoming a disciple of Aoskar while in the Alley of Dangerous Angles. To escape, you'll need to use the portals, which will teleport you around when you step through the arches. The trick is that you'll need to go through one of the portals (#3) twice, walking back to it after it sends you to the opposite side of the maze (#4). The second time you walk through the portal, it'll send you to the exit portal (Exit A), and going through the exit portal will return you to Sigil, where your companions will rejoin you.

2 - Abandoned Camp

Inside this camp, you'll find a Brimstone Hammer and a Bone-Framed Journal. If you "use" the journal and exhaust all of the dialogue options, then you'll get a clue for beating the maze: "Maybe I should go through one, then walk back to the same portal without..."

3 - Important Portal

4 - Destination Portal

  1. Exit portal.