Location: Bones of the Night (AR0508)

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1 - Lothar

When you first enter this house, if Morte was kidnapped by wererats in the Lower Ward, then you'll find him in a shelf here, but before you can say much to him, a powerful magician named Lothar will show up. When you demand that Lothar return Morte to you, he'll make you a deal -- if you bring him a skull of greater value, then he'll allow you to take back Morte. If you press the issue, then Lothar will destroy you, and you'll have to load your game, so be at least somewhat polite to him.

Lothar will mention that you can find lots of good skulls in the catacombs beneath the Hive, and he'll recommend a particular tomb "of great value" in the Drowned Nations. That tomb is actually your tomb, and if you tell Lothar that it's yours and empty, then you'll earn 30,000 xp.

There are a few skulls that will work for Lothar: Acaste's Skull, Hargrimm's Skull, the Skull of Mantuok, Soego's Skull, or Stale Mary's Skull. You can pick up Mantuok's skull from the caves beneath Lothar's residence (#2). The rest can be found in the Dead Nations.

When you bring an appropriate skull to Lothar, you'll earn 15,000 xp, and Lothar will agree to answer some questions for you. If you ask him why you're immortal, then he'll tell you that the night hag Ravel Puzzlewell took your soul, and that you should seek her out -- although she might be in one of the Lady of Pain's mazes. Lothar will also become a shopkeeper, and he'll sell you a variety of charms and scrolls.

2 - Mantuok

If Mantuok survived your encounter in the Warrens of Thought, then you'll meet him again here, along with several other wererats. If you talk to him, then he'll ask you if you've completed Lothar's quest (#1) yet. If you hand him a skull, then he'll order his wererats to attack you, and you'll earn 1400 xp for defeating him, plus 2700 xp for defeating the wererats. You can also offer Mantuok some Cheese (Posioned) (which you can buy from Giltspur in the Lower Ward). Mantuok will gobble down the cheese and die, which will earn you 5000 xp, and then the wererats will turn hostile, and you'll earn an additional 2700 xp for defeating them.

If you kill Mantuok, then he'll drop the Skull of Mantuok (which will satisfy Lothar's quest) and The Grimoire of Pestilential Thought.

  1. Exit back to the Lower Ward (via a wrecked house).
  2. Stairs between levels 1 and 2.
  3. Passage to the caves.
  4. Portal to the Weeping Stone Catacombs.