Location: Outlands (AR1100)

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With Sigil at the center, the Outlands are the last pathway to the Outer Planes. Sure the Outlands are one of the Outer Planes, but this one's different from the others. It's not part of the ring - it's the center of the ring. Journey across the Outlands (or the Land, as some call it) and eventually a body gets elsewhere - not just elsewhere on the plane, but into another plane entirely. The farther a body goes toward a plane on the ring, the more the Land looks like that plane, until at last he (or she, or it) comes to a gate between here and there.

1 - Starting Point

This is where you'll start out in the Outlands. You'll immediately get attacked by Gronks (worth 2000 xp) and Grilligs (worth 2300 xp). Gronks strongly resist crushing damage while Grilligs are immune to all physical damage except crushing damage, so hopefully you have some variety to the types of damage you can do.

Note: If you have Morte equipped with Ingress' Teeth, don't forget that you can switch the weapon between piercing damage (good for Gronks) and crushing damage (good for Grilligs).

2 - Fhjull's House

Inside this house, you'll meet the fiend Fhjull Forked-Tongue. He'll call Trias the "Betrayer," and you'll learn that it was Trias who "cursed" him into doing good deeds for those in need. When you ask Fhjull about your mortality, he, like everybody else, won't know the answer, but he'll suggest that you visit the Fortress of Regrets. When asked how to get there, Fhjull will direct you to the Pillar of Skulls in Baator, and he'll activate a portal (Exit A) that will take you there. This will earn you 350,000 xp. With Intelligence 18+ or Wisdom 16+, you can also ask how to get back to the Outlands, and when Fhjull tells you, you'll earn an additional 100,000 xp.

Since Fhjull has to be helpful, you can also repeatedly ask him for aid. This can net you an Adder's Tear, a Gordian Knot, a Green Steel Dagger, a Green Steel Knife, Hatred's Gift, and four Kassegs. You can also get spell scrolls, including a Scroll of Acid Storm, a Scroll of Bladestorm, two Scrolls of Chain Lightning Storm, two Scrolls of Globe of Invulnerability, two Scrolls of Remove Curse, and a Scroll of Stygian Ice Storm. Of course, each time you liberate an item, you'll become slightly more Evil.

You can also rest in Fhjull's house for free.


Later, after you've visited the Pillar of Skulls in Baator, you'll be allowed to ask Fhjull how to leave the Outlands, and he'll tell you about the exit portal (Exit B). If you betrayed Fhjull to the Pillar of Skulls, then you'll need to ask him about the exit portal right away, because he'll turn hostile during the pillar's ensuing ambush.

  1. Portal to Baator. This portal will only appear after you've spoken to Fhjull (#2).
  2. Portal to Curst Gone. This portal will only appear after you've been to Baator, and after you've asked Fhjull (#2) about it.