Notable NPCs
Acaste Acaste

Acaste is the ghoul-queen of the Dead Nations, a slavering flesh-eater who holds her pack together with fear of the Silent King and sheer bullying. She is tough, strong, and despite her appearance, clever. She is one to watch, to be sure.

Coaxmetal Coaxmetal

A huge iron golem laboring away in the mysterious siege tower in the middle of Sigil, Coaxmetal is metal given life with an urge toward destruction. It is immense in size and its goal seems to be the creation of weaponry.

Deionarra Deionarra

The ghostly apparition, Deionarra, claims she knows you, that you are her "Love." Whatever keeps her on the physical plane must be powerful indeed, for her to stave off death so long. Dying does not seem to have improved her disposition.

Dhall Dhall

This elderly scribe looks very old... his skin is wrinkled and has a slight trace of yellow, like old parchment. Dead charcoal gray eyes lie within an angular face... a non-human face, as the ears narrow to points. A large face, as the ears narrow to points. A large white beard flows down the front of his black robes like a waterfall. He coughs occasionally. The book he works in front of is huge, and seems to contain many names.

Ebb Creakknees Ebb Creakknees

Ebb Creakknees is an old Harmonium member who seems to be content enough to sit in his chair at the Smoldering Corpse and run his mouth off to whomever will listen to him. He's a font of information, if you can get past all the long-winded explanations.

Evil Wizard Construct Evil Wizard Construct

Somehow this drone acheived sentience and overthrew the modron in charge. Before it could lay any serious plans, though, the failsafe of the modron cube kicked in and placed the drone into stasis. Now you've activated it again. Good for you.

Fell Fell

Fell is a fallen dabus, a former servant of the Lady of Pain and one of the fes remaining priests of teh dead god of portals, Aoskar. He has achieved some renown as a tattoo artist, somehow bringing his pictures to a kind of life. Simply return to Fell with tales of your exploits and he can sketch them on your skin, and allow you to draw strength from them.

Fhjull Forked-Tongue Fhjull Forked-Tongue

Forked-Tongue is a victim of Trias, whom he calls "the Betrayer." He signed a contract with the deva that consigned him to acts of charity until Trias is dead. He makes his home in the bones of Ul-Goris in the Outlands, hiding from mortal and immortal alike. He has knowledge and items that may prove useful.

Hargrimm Hargrimm

Leader of the skeletons of the Dead Nations, Hargrimm is the skeleton priest who speaks the words of the Silent King to his followers. With Stale Mary the zombie and Acaste the Ghoul-Queen as the two other corners, he makes the third of the triumvirate that holds the Dead Nations in uneasy balance. Tipping the balance one way or another might incite chaos.

Lady of Pain Lady of Pain

The Lady is a mystery. She's widely regarded to be the de facto ruler of Sigil, its protector and its victim. She is said to guard the doors of the Cage against the myriad schemes of the gods, to be the ultimate expression of balance in the multiverse, to be the prisoner of the City of Doors. There are thousands of stories about her - one even tells that she's actually six giany squirrels with a headdress, robe, and ring of levitation and illusions - but none of them can be answered. She is a true enigma, a puzzle with no solution.

If someone displeases her - by upsetting the balance of the city or worhipping her - the Lady may punish the offender. Her punishment ranges from the Mazes - a twisting, turning hell with a cleverly disguised exit - to the casting of her shadow across the transgressor, covering him with slashes and gouges from her sharp-edged shadow, leaving behind a pile of gore and viscera. Neither option is paricularly attractive.

Lothar Lothar

The master of the Bones of the Night, Lothar keeps shelves full of skulls in his salon. They speak long-forgotten secrets, their whispers filling *his* skull with arcane knowledge. He may well be one of the few in existence who can truly destroy you. The folk of Sigil speak his name in hushed, reverent tones, and seem eager to avoid offending him.

Mantuok Mantuok

Lycanthropy is a sickness passed on by the bite of an infected creature, turning the unfortunate victim into a 'were-beast', a creature that is half-human, half-beast. There are a number of creatures that pass along this disease, some of them quite noble, others fearsom and awe-inspiring. The rat is neither of these, and its lycanthropic cousins are the skulkers of the were-world, the hiders in shadow, the despised. Their personalities all seem to reflect this.

Mantuok, the voice of Many-as-One, the cranium rat collective, is an ingratiating little bastard whose best quality is that he is subservient to those with power. He's also a mage of some talent, and it seems he'll sell out his master to achieve an advantage for himself. He seems to hate you with a passion. Perhaps he's jealous of you.

Pharod Pharod

Pharod Wormhair is the Collector King of the Hive, a man crippled in body and spirit. His mind, however, seems to be as sharp as ever. He rules the Buried Village with an iron fist, keeping even that disorderly rabble in line. He is a sneak, a thief, and he seems to know far too much about you, though he does not reveal it without ... coaxing.

Pillar of Skulls Pillar of Skulls

This disgusting mass of heads towers lonesome in the fiery wastes of Avernus, the first layer of Baator. Apparently, it is the composed of the heads of liars and ill-meaning sages, a punishment for those who squandered the gift of knowledge. You have been told that the Pillar holds the answers to your mortality, the precious secret that has been driving you for these long years.

Ravel Ravel

All the stories you heard about Ravel Puzzlewell prepared you for a loathsome monster who would devour your soul. If she intented that, though, she chose a strange way to go about it - she is undeniably insane, trapped in a black-barbed maze of thorns and evil. You can't help but pity her, despite her great power: She has lost everything and doesn't even know it.

The Transcendent One The Transcendent One

This mysterious spectral entity is responsible for delivering the killing blow on Ravel during her last moments in the Black-Barbed Maze. Who this adversary is is unknown.

Trias Trias

Trias is a deva, a celestial being from the Upper Planes. You first encountered him in the prison of Curst, imprisoned in an obsidian bubble. His beauty is astonishing to behold; the aura of goodness rolls from him like a glorious wave of light. His wings are charred down to the bone, yet he seems to bear his suffering with pride.