Location: Ragpicker's Square (AR0101)

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1 - Marrow-Fiend

You'll meet a Collector named Marrow-Fiend standing around here. He'll think that you're dead, and he'll want to take a bite out of you. Let him do this in exchange for the Finger Bone hanging around his neck -- but make sure you get the Finger Bone first or else you'll have to repeat the process. Once you have the Finger Bone, you can "use" it to replace your own finger, which will give you Mempa's Biting Ring.

2 - Doorway Portal

This portal will take you to a closed room where you'll find Junk in a container. To escape, you'll have to wait a minute for Vlask and his bodyguards to show up. Vlask will reveal that the only way out of the room is via a portal that he just happens to have the key for. Vlask will then offer to sell you the key for 100 coppers. You can either pay the price or kill Vlask (in a tough fight worth 300 xp) for Vlask's Portal Key. Either way, you'll have to "use" the key in your inventory activate the exit portal.

When you return to Ragpicker's Square, if you killed Vlask then you'll automatically board up the doorway so the portal can't be used again. But if you bought the key, then you'll be able to re-enter the portal, which will cause Vlask to show up again -- and charge you 200 coppers for the key this time. You can repeat this encounter as many times as you'd like. If you eventually kill Vlask, you won't get your money back.

3 - Sharegrave's Kip

Just outside this house, you'll meet a thief named Ratbone. He's a thief trainer, which means he can change your class to thief, and it'll only cost you 50 coppers. The first time you do this, you'll get a reward: 2500 xp for Dexterity 9-12, 3125 xp for Dexterity 13-15, 3438 xp for Dexterity 16-17, or 3750 xp for Dexterity 18+.

Inside the house, you'll meet a Collector boss named Sharegrave. He's a rival of Pharod's, and if you insist on telling him that you're Pharod's friend, or if you're rude to him, or if you answer his questions in a way he doesn't like, then he and the two Collectors with him will attack you. You'll receive 175 xp for killing Sharegrave, and you'll find 300 coppers on his corpse.

If instead you're polite to Sharegrave and tell him that Pharod stole something from you, then Sharegrave will warm up to you a bit. He'll tell you that Pharod is turning in way more bodies than should be available, and he'll ask you to find out how. Once you've met with Pharod in Pharod's Court (located in the Buried Village) and learned where the corpses are coming from, revealing this information to Sharegrave will earn you 100 (or 200) coppers and 750 xp. You can also lie to Sharegrave about Pharod's corpses and get the same reward.

4 - Yellow-Fingers

You'll meet a Collector named Yellow-Fingers here. If you have Morte in your party, then Yellow-Fingers will accuse you of stealing the skull from him. Most dialogue options will end with you fighting Yellow-Fingers, but you can also buy Morte from him (he'll accept 5 coppers), or you can say, "Just forget you ever saw it," and he'll let you go. If you kill Yellow-Fingers, then you'll find 45 coppers on his corpse.

If Yellow-Fingers is still alive, then you'll be able to ask him a few questions, provided you don't mind paying him 5 coppers for the privilege. However, Yellow-Fingers won't tell you anything interesting, and if you ask him about Pharod, then he'll run away.

At the end of your conversation, if Yellow-Fingers is still alive, and if he hasn't run away, and if you have Intelligence 12+, then you'll notice him trying to rob you. This will allow you to study his technique, which will earn you 200 xp and Pick Pockets +1. If you also have Dexterity 12+, then you'll be able to grab his hand, which will allow you to bluff him into giving you 47 coppers plus information about Pharod's portal (Exit B).

5 - Shack

Inside this shack, you'll encounter five Cranium Rats worth 65 xp each. The rats will drop Cranium Rat Tails, which have various uses, including turning them in for a bounty at the Office of Vermin and Disease Control in the Hive Southwest.

6 - Jarym's Kip

Inside this kip, you'll meet Jarym. He'll ask you to track down a ruby of "exceptional quality." You'll only find one such ruby in the game -- Moridor's Ruby, which is a part of Mar's quest in the Hive Northwest. After completing that quest, you'll either end up with the ruby in your possession, or you'll have to buy it from Aola in the Alley of Dangerous Angles for 300 coppers. When you deliver the ruby to Jarym, he'll reward you with 200 coppers and 500 xp.

7 - Nodd

Around here, you'll meet an intellectually disabled Collector named Nodd. If you're interested, you can pay him a couple of coppers to answer questions, but he probably won't tell you anything that you don't already know. At the end of your conversation, he'll ask you to find his sister Amarysse and tell her that he worries about her.

You'll find Amarysse south of the Smoldering Corpse Bar in the Hive Southeast. She'll be happy to learn that Nodd is still alive, and she'll promise to visit him soon. She'll also ask you if you're a friend of Nodd's. If you say you are, then she'll give you 100 coppers to deliver to him.

When you return to Nodd, if you lie to him and say that his sister is a "foul" whore, then he'll attack you, and you won't get a reward from him. Otherwise, no matter what you say, he'll be thrilled with the news, and you'll receive 750 xp for completing the quest. You'll become more Good if you deliver the money. You'll become more Evil and Chaotic if you keep it.

8 - The Midwife's Hut

Inside this hut, you'll meet Old Mebbeth, a combination healer, innkeeper, shopkeeper, and mage trainer. She'll heal you for free, she'll let you rest in her hut for free (but only through dialogue), and she'll sell you a variety of charms and scrolls (although most of the scrolls will only show up once you've completed Mebbeth's errands).

To get Mebbeth to work with you as a trainer, you'll have to complete a few errands for her:
  • Mebbeth will hand you a Black-Barbed Seed and ask you to fetch more of them from the market in the Hive Southwest. However, when you talk to the fruit seller there (the Hive Merchant on the western side), he'll say that he's never seen such a seed before, and that he doesn't know anything about it. However, he'll suggest that you talk to a gardener. If you've already met Mourns-for-Trees in the Hive Southeast, then the merchant's comment will make you think of him. Regardless, talking to the merchant will earn you 500 xp.

    You'll find Mourns-for-Trees in the northern part of the Hive Southeast. He won't know anything more about the seed than the fruit seller, but since in Sigil "belief is everything," he'll suggest that if you will the seed to grow, then it will. If you follow that advice, then the seed will break open and grow twigs, which will wrap around your wrist. This will earn you another 500 xp.

    When you return to Mebbeth, she'll tell you to "think" the twigs off your wrist, and to have them re-form into a frame. You'll earn 500 xp when you comply, plus a bonus reward based on your attributes: 500 xp for Intelligence or Wisdom 13-15, or 750 xp for Intelligence or Wisdom 16+.

  • Mebbeth will ask you to pick up some rags from Griscorl in the marketplace in the Hive Southwest. You'll find Griscorl right next to the fruit seller. When you ask Griscorl for the rags, he'll fetch them for you, and he'll inform you that he washed and starched them every five days for years -- leaving them hard as boards. Still, when he hands you Mebbeth's Wash, you'll receive 500 xp. Then when you deliver the rags to Mebbeth, you'll receive another 500 xp.

  • Mebbeth will ask you to fetch some ink from Kossah-Jai, who -- you guessed it -- you'll find in the marketplace in the Hive Southwest. She'll be next to a cart on the southern side of the marketplace. She won't have any ink for sale, but she'll suggest that you talk to Meir'am, who can be found on the southern side of the district.

    Meir'am will tell you that she has ink from the brogota-fin fish available, but that you'll need some sort of container to transport it in. You'll find such a container -- a Battered Tankard -- available from another Hive Merchant in the marketplace, this one wearing an orange dress and standing just to the east of Griscorl. The merchant will allow you to take the tankard for free.

    This time when you return to Meir'am, she'll give you some ink, and you'll end up with an Ink-Filled Tankard. When you deliver this tankard to Mebbeth, you'll receive 1000 xp.
After completing Mebbeth's errands, you'll be ready to become a mage. If you have Intelligence or Wisdom 14+, then you'll recognize that the errands were a part of your training, and you'll earn 2000 xp. When you actually switch to the mage class, Mebbeth will use the frame, rags, and ink to create your spellbook, and she'll give you Amber Earrings, Recipe: Blood Bridge, Recipe: Chromatic Orb, and Recipe: Identify to get you started. You'll also earn 5000 xp.

  1. Exit to the Hive Northwest.
  2. Junk portal. You'll need to have Junk in your inventory to activate this portal. You can find some nearby (#2).
  3. Exit to the Trash Warrens.