Location: Alley of Lingering Sighs (AR0401, AR0405)

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1 - Repair Sites

2 - House

Inside this house, you'll find a dead dabus with a Hammer.

3 - Body Site

After visiting this site, you'll be able to ask Annah why she came all the way out there to look for dead bodies. You'll eventually learn that she was compelled to do so. This will earn you 2500 xp.

4 - Stone Face

When Annah leads you to this part of the alley, a stone face will appear nearby -- and it'll be more surprised to see you than you are to see it, since it'll remember watching you die. This will trigger your own memory of the event, where you'll witness shadows attacking you, just like they did Pharod. The face will then tell you that it needs to "divide," and it'll ask you to remove the dabus in the alley, since its repairs are constraining it.

You'll find the dabus at one of two repair sites (#1). To remove it, you'll have two choices:
  • You can kill the dabus. You'll earn 420 xp for defeating it in battle, but when you return to the stone face, it won't be happy with you, and you'll only earn 1500 xp.

  • You can go into the house in the alley (#2), where you'll find a dead dabus. If you examine the corpse, then you'll have a vision where you'll see the dabus enter the house but the door close and disappear behind it. This will earn you 1000 xp. After completing the vision, when you talk to the repairing dabus, you'll be able to tell it about the dead dabus, and it'll enter the house to investigate. The door will then disappear again, trapping the dabus inside (and trapping you outside, so grab the Hammer from the house first if you need it). If you follow this path, then when you return to the stone face, it'll be content with your work, and you'll earn 11,500 xp.
However, removing the dabus won't be enough. The stone face will also tell you that you'll need to undo the repairs that it's made. So you'll need to interact with the repair sites (#1) with the right tools: at the western site you'll need a Hammer (which you can find in the house, #2), and at the eastern site you'll need an Iron Prybar (which you can find inside the Tenement of Thugs).

After completing the stone face's tasks, when you return to it, it'll begin transforming the alley, and it'll clear the way to the Lower Ward (Exit C) for you. You'll also earn 16,250 xp. You'll then automatically travel to the Lower Ward, where Morte will promptly get kidnapped.

Note: From this point on, when you walk to an exit on a surface map, you'll be allowed to choose the map you want to go to, rather than having to run through a multitude of maps.

  1. Exit to the Tenement of Thugs.
  2. Pathway.
  3. Exit to the Lower Ward.