Location: Curst Administration Building (AR0901)

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1 - Shelf

Inside this shelf, you'll find two Blood Charms, a Charm of Infinite Recall, and a Heart Charm. You can also pick up some other, more minor healing items in several non-annotated containers.

2 - Cabinet

Inside this cabinet, you'll find a Blood Charm, a Charcoal Charm, a Fiend's Blood Dagger, and a Heart Charm.

3 - Cabinets

Inside the locked and trapped cabinets here, you'll find an Adder's Tear, two Heart Charms, a Knot Charm, a Thrice-Blind Charm, and 3000 coppers.

4 - Shelf

Inside this shelf, you'll find two Heart Charms and a Scroll of Deathbolt.

5 - Cabinet

Inside this cabinet, you'll find a Heart Charm.

6 - Dying Guard

You'll meet a dying guard here. He'll warn you not to rush in and confront Trias (#8) until you're ready.

7 - Desk

Inside this locked and trapped desk, you'll find a mess of magical weapons: Edge of Oblivion, three Enchanted Battle Axes, three Enchanted Hammers, Mark of the Savant, a Porphatys Dagger, and a Vrock Club.

8 - Trias the Betrayer

You'll meet Trias here. If you talk to him, then you'll learn that he's betraying Good in order to help it -- or at least that's his reasoning -- and that he lied to you because you're a lesser mortal and that's the sort of thing you deserve. But whatever you say, the encounter will eventually lead to a fight.

If you were thorough in performing good deeds in Carceri, then Trias won't pose much of a challenge. He'll summon three sohmien, and then he'll attack you, but after taking enough damage -- which shouldn't take long with your entire party pounding on him -- he'll yield. At that point you should talk to him again; if you kill him, then you'll lose a required source of information and you'll have to load your game.

This time when you talk to Trias, he'll reveal that the portal to the Fortress of Regrets is located in the Mortuary in Sigil, and that you'll need to write a regret on a strip of your flesh in order to use it. Once you've learned this information, you'll have to decide what to do about Trias:
Note: If Vhailor is with you, then Trias will die no matter what, and only the Tattoo of the Betrayer will become available to you.

Regardless of your choice, you'll also earn 375,000 xp, and the portal back to Sigil will appear behind you (Exit D).

  1. Exit to Carceri.
  2. Staircase between Levels 1 and 2.
  3. Ladder between Levels 2 and 3.
  4. Portal to the Hive Northeast. You'll only be able to detect this portal after defeating Trias (#8).