Location: Tenement of Thugs (AR0403)

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1 - Tiefling Painter

The painter here will be too involved in her work to pay much attention to you.

2 - Tiresias

If you're with the Chaosmen, then Tiresias will tell you about a secret door (#6) that you can use to avoid the Starved Dog Barking Thugs (#4). If you're not with the Chaosmen, then Tiresias won't have much to say to you, and he'll alert the thugs if you threaten him. You'll be able to detect the secret door even if Tiresias doesn't tell you about it.

3 - Sybil

Sybil will warn you about the Starved Dog Barking Thugs in the next room (#4). She'll also tell you about a locked door (#5) that might give you a way to run past them, provided you can get the key from the mage upstairs (#10). Afterwards, if you unlock the door and escape from the tenement (via Exit B), then Sybil will give you 1000 xp for clearing the way for her.

4 - Starved Dog Barking Thugs

You'll encounter a dozen Starved Dog Barking Thugs in this room. It's a bad idea to fight them all at once, so instead you should do one of two things: use one of the side doors to their room (#5, #6) and then sneak or run past them, or use hit-and-run tactics against them (the thugs will only walk, so you can run up to them, kill a couple, run away before they surround you, and then repeat until they're all dead).

If you attack the thugs, then you'll earn over 3500 xp for killing them. One of the thugs will drop a Tenement Storeroom Key and a Small Red Key. These keys will unlock the storeroom and the chest that you'll find inside (#7). Clearing out the thugs will also allow you to loot the barrel in their room, where you'll find a Gold Ring, a Knot Charm, a Tarnished Silver Bracelet, and 46 coppers.

5 - Locked Door

To open this door, you'll need the Tenement Key, which you'll find on a Starved Dog Mage (#10).

6 - Secret Door

7 - Locked Storage Room

Inside this room you'll find a locked chest containing 121 coppers. You can find the keys to the door and the chest on one of the Starved Dog Barking Thugs (#4).

8 - Crate

Inside this crate, you'll find an Iron Prybar. You'll need a prybar in the Alley of Lingering Sighs, so if you didn't keep the one from the Mortuary, then be sure to grab this one.

9 - Barrel

You'll find a Bone Dagger inside this barrel.

10 - Starved Dog Mage

You'll encounter a Starved Dog Mage and three thugs here. For the easiest fight against them, you should draw the thugs to you before attacking the mage. You'll earn 650 xp for defeating the mage, and he'll drop the Tenement Key, which you'll need for a locked door downstairs (#5).

  1. Exit to the Hive Southeast.
  2. Exit to the Alley of Lingering Sighs.
  3. Stairs between levels 1 and 2.
  4. Stairs between levels 2 and 3.