Great Foundry (AR0502, AR0503)

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This is the headquarters of the Godsmen. The foundry's a dirty sprawling complex of workshops, warehouses, storage yards, and furnaces. The Godsmen work it non-stop. By day it belches smoke and steam, and by night the district's lit by its fires. The products of the foundry, petty metal goods needed by everyone throughout Sigil and beyond, are the Godsmen's major source of jink. They make tools, hinges, pots, nails, and anything else that can be fashioned out of iron. Their skills are not great; very little of their wares are fancy work, but it's all strong and serviceable.

1 - Nadilin

Nadilin is a clerk at the Foundry. He can supply you with some useful things:

2 - Alissa Tield / Thildon

The supervisors Alissa Tield and Thildon will endlessly wander around the main Foundry area. They're both involved in one of Keldor's quests (#9). Thildon will also give you Iron Ore for the forge (#3).

3 - Forge

You'll be able to make some basic weapons here, provided you have the proper equipment (#1) and materials (#2).

4 - Dreambuilder Chamber

To enter this chamber, you'll need to complete Nihl Xander's quest (#10). Inside, you'll automatically have a few dreams -- or maybe nightmares -- culminating with an invitation from Ravel Puzzlewell to meet her in the Black-Barbed Maze.

5 - Armory

The armory is where the Godsmen are working on their secret project. You won't be allowed inside until you've completed Keldor's quests and joined the Godsmen (#9). At that point, if you ask Keldor for permission to look at what they're building, he'll give you a Godsman Token so you can get inside. You'll just have to show the token to one of the guards by the door.

Inside the armory, you'll discover that the Godsman are creating a great cannon. You'll meet a supervisor named Kel'lera right next to it, and she'll reveal that it shoots fire and that the baatezu commissioned it. If Dak'kon is with you, then Kel'lera will be more polite to you. If you have Fall-from-Grace with you, then Kel'lera will refuse to answer some of your questions.

You'll need to destroy the cannon for one of Bedai-Lihn's quests (#7).

6 - Sarossa

Around here (or in the meeting hall to the east), you'll meet Sarossa. She'll tell you about her father Sandoz (#11) and her brother Saros (#8). After you've joined the Godsmen (#9), if you ask Sarossa about her "special talent" and truthfully claim that you believe in the tenets of the Godsmen, then she'll give you +1 Wisdom.

7 - Bedai-Lihn

At this spot, you'll meet the "magical engineer" Bedai-Lihn. She won't have much to say to you when you first talk to her, but after you've joined the Godsmen (#9), she'll quiz you about your feelings for the faction. If you tell Bedai-Lihn what she wants to hear -- that you're unhappy with the faction and wouldn't mind striking it down -- then she'll recruit you for the Anarchists, and she'll give you three quests to complete:
  • For the first quest, Bedai-Lihn will tell you to destroy the Godsmen's secret project, which can be found in the armory (#5). To enter the armory, you'll need to ask Keldor (#9) for permission, and he'll give you a Godsman Token. When you show the token to the guards next to the armory doors, they'll allow you to enter.

    Inside the armory, you'll see that the secret project is a massive cannon. To learn more about it, including how to sabotage it, you should talk to the supervisor Kel'lera nearby. Then to destroy the weapon, you'll just need to monkey with its controls, which you can find in the back. You'll then automatically leave the armory, and if you go back inside then you'll see that you were successful. When you return to Bedai-Lihn afterwards, you'll receive 8000 xp.

  • For the second quest, Bedai-Lihn will tell you to kill Sandoz. If he committed suicide earlier, then you'll get stuck here, and you won't be able to continue. For this case, you'll only be able to join the Anarchists by giving a Stone Lim-Lim to Giltspur in the Lower Ward. But assuming Sandoz is still alive, you'll need to go to his room (#11) and force-attack him to kill him. You should also make sure that the two guards outside his room don't see you. If they turn hostile and join in the fight, then everyone in the Great Foundry will turn against you. After killing Sandoz, when you return to Bedai-Lihn, you'll receive 8000 xp.

  • For the third quest, Bedai-Lihn will ask you to find her some smithing gear so she can sneak out of the Great Foundry -- thus putting the blame for your actions on her rather than you. You'll be able to purchase some suitable clothing -- a Godsman Disguise -- from Nadilin in the main hall (#1). He'll charge you 60 coppers for it, and he'll even indicate that he knows what it's for. Crafty old codger. When you give the disguise to Bedai-Lihn, you'll earn 8000 xp, and you'll automatically escort her out of the building.
Once outside the Great Foundry, Bedai-Lihn will lead you to the Warehouse in the Lower Ward. When you get there, she'll tell you that she has friends inside, but she won't tell you the code phrase for them, and so they won't recognize you as a fellow Anarchist just yet. However, if you ask Bedai-Lihn about the Anarchists (aka the Revolutionary League) and tell her that you'd like to join, then she'll tell you the code phrase "the city must burn" for Scofflaw Penn in the nearby Print Shop.

Note: After accepting Bedai-Lihn's first quest, you can turn her in to Keldor (#9). This will get Bedai-Lihn arrested, but you won't receive any sort of reward.

8 - Saros

Somewhere in the meeting hall, you'll meet Saros, the brother of Sarossa (#6). He's involved in one of Keldor's quests (#9), during which you'll learn that he's with the Anarchists. After completing the quest, if you return to Saros and ask him about the Anarchists, then he'll tell you that he was just trying to fit in with them. If you reply that his actions "defeat the entire point of anarchy," then you'll earn 200 xp (and become a little more Chaotic).

9 - Keldor

Keldor is one of the leaders of the Godsmen, aka the Believers of the Source. He'll give you a lot of background information about the faction. If you want to join, then you'll have to complete three quests:
  • Keldor will ask you to craft something at the forge (#3). Before you start, you'll need some Iron Ore from Thildon (#2) plus some equipment from Nadilin (#1). Then at the forge (#3), you'll need to "pick up the ore with the tongs and hold it in the flame of the forge." From there, the dialogue options should be straightforward, and you'll be able to create a battle axe, a sledgehammer, or a stiletto -- or all three, if you get more ore from Thildon -- the quality of which will depend on your Intelligence:

    • With Intelligence 9 or less, you'll make poor quality weapons.
    • With Intelligence 10-13, you'll make normal quality weapons.
    • With Intelligence 14+, you'll make high quality weapons.

    When you show your weapon to Keldor, you'll earn 6000 xp (for a poor quality weapon) or 8000 xp (otherwise).

  • Keldor will tell you that Avildon the smith was murdered, and he'll ask you to investigate the matter. To learn more about what happened, you should talk to Alissa Tield (#2). She'll tell you that there are three suspects: Thildon (#2), Bedai-Lihn (#7), and Saros (#8). Of the three, only Saros will give you incriminating evidence. He'll tell you that he saw Thildon creeping around the night of the murder, and that Thildon dropped Thildon's Awl at the scene of the crime.

    From here, you'll just need to keep talking to the three suspects. Thildon will claim Saros stole his awl. Saros will claim he saw Thildon commit the murder. Thildon will claim that Saros and Bedai-Lihn are Anarchists conspiring against him. Saros will admit to being an Anarchist, and he'll even admit to planting the awl, but he'll stick to his story that he saw Thildon kill the smith. Bedai-Lihn will deny being an Anarchist (even though she is). Thildon will finally admit to being the murderer, and he'll ask that you allow him to flee. This decision won't change anything.

    When you return to Keldor, you'll have to make a choice. You can either implicate Thildon alone or Thildon and Saros together. The main difference here is that Sarossa (#6) will get mad at you if you turn in her brother, but you should still be able to talk your way back into her good graces. Regardless of your choice, you'll earn 10,000 xp for completing the quest.

  • Keldor will ask you to convince Sandoz not to kill himself. You'll find Sandoz in his chamber (#11), but you won't be allowed to enter. To talk to him, you'll first have to talk to one of the guards outside his door. There are two ways to keep Sandoz alive:

    • You can pick the right dialogue path:

      • "I'm here to talk to you."
      • Wait for him to continue.
      • "Did you ever consider...?"
      • "You found a reason once."

    • For an easier conversation, you can talk to Sandoz' daughter Sarossa (#6) first. She'll give you a message for her father, and you'll just need to repeat it to him.

    • You can also convince Sandoz to kill himself by daring him to do it. This won't break the quest, but it'll cause some wrinkles elsewhere, since everybody not involved in the quest will think that Sandoz is still alive. This is good for Sarossa (#6) -- she'll still give you your Wisdom bonus -- but it's bad for Bedai-Lihn (#7), since you won't be able to complete her second quest.

    When you return to Keldor, you'll earn 12,000 xp provided that Sandoz is still alive. But either way, Keldor will allow you to join the Godsmen. This will earn you 6000 or 8000 xp, depending on if you joined any other factions first. Keldor will also become a shopkeeper, and he'll sell you a variety of scrolls, plus the weapons Ascension, Enlightenment, and Reason. Finally, if you ask Keldor about seeing the secret project in the armory (#5), then he'll give you a Godsman Token, which will get you inside.

10 - Nihl Xander

When you ask Nihl who he is, he'll tell you that the Dreambuilder -- the device you commissioned from his grandfather Xeno Xander -- is almost complete, and that you'll just need to supply him with three items so he can finish it:
  • Dream Vial (aka some of your skin and blood in a blue-green bottle). You can acquire this item from Pestle Kilnn in the Apothecary in the Clerk's Ward. You won't need to do anything special to get it.

  • Dream Cage (aka a fine-wrought birdcage adorned with razors). You can acquire this item from Coaxmetal in the Siege Tower in the Lower Ward. You won't need to so anything special to get it, but you might need to talk to Lazlo in the Lower Ward marketplace to learn how to enter the Siege Tower.

  • Dream Pillow (aka a coffin pillow). For this item, you'll need to talk to Hamrys the coffin maker in the Lower Ward. He'll try to sell you an entire coffin, but eventually you'll catch his attention and convince him that you just need a pillow. Unfortunately, you'll learn that Hamrys stores his inventory at the Lower Ward warehouse, and that you'll need to head over there to get what you need. At the warehouse, you'll just have to talk to the Vault of the Ninth World to get the pillow.
When you deliver all of the items to Nihl, he'll give you the Dream Key (provided that you close your eyes and hold out your hand), and you'll earn 16,000 xp. Then Nihl will disappear from the game. The Dream Key will allow you to enter the Dreambuilder Chamber (#4).

11 - Sandoz' Chamber

Sandoz is involved in two quests: Bedai-Lihn's (#7) and Keldor's (#9).

  1. Exit to the Lower Ward.
  2. Entrance to Godsman Hall.