Location: Traitor's Gate Tavern (AR0704)

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1 - Tainted Barse

Behind the bar here, you'll meet the innkeep Tainted Barse. Before you can say much to him, he'll inform you that his daughter has been kidnapped by slavers. If you agree to help him, then he'll start you on a path that will lead you to the deva who knows about your mortality. You can also ignore Barse and get to the deva anyway, but working with Barse will earn you a bunch of xp, so it's worthwhile.

To complete Barse's quest, you'll need to acquire the five parts of a key. You'll get the parts by completing quests for nearby patrons:
  • Marquez (#2). "Such place eternal justice had prepared for those rebellious..."
  • Kitla (#3). "Here the Prison ordained in utter darkness..."
  • Nabat (#4). "... their portion set..."
  • Dallan (#5). "As far removed from Gods and light of Heaven..."
  • Dona Quisho (#6). "As from the Center thrice to the utmost pole."
Afterwards, when you return to Barse, he'll ask you if you're ready to go. When you say that you are, you'll earn 175,000 xp, and Barse will lead you through his secret entrance to the Curst Underground. This is a one-way trip, so only go when you're ready.

Along with his quest, Barse will also let you rent rooms and purchase supplies. In the shelves behind Barse, you'll find a Frosty Mint Candy. At the bar near Barse, you'll meet the guard Chek'ka Plute, but he won't have much to say to you, and he's not involved in any quests.

2 - Marquez / First Part of Key

After you've met with Tainted Barse (#1), Marquez will give you a quest. He'll tell you that Barse's daughter Jasilya has been kidnapped by slavers / guards, and he'll ask you to rescue her and kill them. You'll find the guards in Inner Curst just to the west of the warehouse. When you talk to the guard Skatch, he'll decide that you'd make a better slave than Jasilya, and he and his fellows will attack you. It's possible that Jasilya will get involved in the fight, too -- and get killed quickly -- so you should spread out your party so each character distracts a different guard.

You'll earn 15,800 xp for defeating the guards, and when you return to Marquez, you'll earn an additional 65,000 xp -- even if Jasilya died. Marquez will then tell you the first part of the key, and he'll become available as a fighter trainer. He'll also direct you to Kitla (#3) for the second part of the key.

3 - Kitla / Second Part of Key

After you've completed Marquez's quest (#2), Kitla will give you a quest. She'll tell you that Crumplepunch and Kester Malako owe her money, but that they're so concerned over splitting their inheritance that they're ignoring her. So she'll ask you to help her out. You'll find Crumplepunch inside the blacksmithy in Outer Curst and Kester inside the distillery in Inner Curst.

You'll have three ways to complete the quest:
  • You can acquire the legacies from the brothers. To do this, you'll either need to steal the legacies or simply ask for them. When you deliver Crumplepunch's Legacy and Kester's Legacy to Kitla, you'll earn 150,000 xp.

  • You can kill the brothers. They'll be all alone in their shops, so nobody will witness your deeds and cause a commotion. However, when you return to Kitla, you'll only earn 131,250 xp.

  • You can arbitrate the inheritance for the brothers. For this case, you'll need to talk to each brother and ask for their legacy. Unfortunately, the legacies won't give you any useful information, so you'll just need to make up the answer that you like best:

    • If you find in favor of Crumplepunch, then Kester will stop talking to you, Crumplepunch will lower his prices, and you'll earn 131,250 xp.

    • If you find in favor of Kester, then Kester will pay you 1000 coppers, Crumplepunch will raise his prices, and you'll earn 131,250 xp.

    • If you pick an even division, then Kester will stop talking to you but pay you 500 coppers, Crumplepunch will lower his prices, and you'll earn 150,000 xp.

    • If you decide that the inheritance should go to someone else, then both brothers will stop talking to you, but you'll earn 150,000 xp when you give the legacies to Kitla.
When you return to Kitla, regardless of the method you used, she'll tell you the second part of the key, and she'll give you a Scroll of Abyssal Fury. She'll also become a mage trainer, and she'll refer you to Nabat (#4) for the third part of the key.

4 - Nabat / Third Part of Key

After you've completed Kitla's quest (#3), Nabat will give you a quest. He'll tell you that Kyse the dump caretaker has some gold in his possession, and that some thugs are planning to steal it. So he'll ask you to protect Kyse by dealing with the thugs.

When you meet with Kyse at the dump in Outer Curst, he'll tell you two things of interest: that the leader of the thugs is named Wernet, and that he doesn't really have any gold, just "heart" and "faith." You'll find Wernet in Inner Curst, standing beside the wagons near the entrance. He'll be sure that Kyse has loads of money, and he'll promise to visit him soon.

When you return to Kyse at the dump, you'll arrive at the same time as three Curst Thugs. During the cut scene, a fight will break out, and the thugs will attack you. You'll earn 900 xp for defeating them, and Kyse will become a healer. Then when you return to Nabat, he'll reveal the third part of the key, and you'll earn 43,750 xp. Nabat will also become a thief trainer, and he'll direct you to Dallan (#5) for the fourth key part.

5 - Dallan / Fourth Part of Key

After you've completed Nabat's quest (#4), Dallan will give you a quest. He'll tell you that a githyanki named An'izius is having some "political trouble," and he'll ask you to help him with it. However, he won't give you any details on what the matter involves or what sort of outcome he'd like to see. He'll just tell you to use your discretion.

You'll find An'izius in Inner Curst by the gate to Carceri. He'll tell you that he's having problems with a political rival named Siabha, and that he'd like you to humiliate her. To do this, he'll suggest that you tell the Guard Captain that she hired you to attack him. Before heading to the captain, though, you might want to talk to Siabha, who you'll find nearby next to the Curst Administration building. When you reveal that An'izius is up to something, she'll ask you to do to him what he wanted you to do to her.

You'll find the Guard Captain near the entrance to Inner Curst. When you talk to him, you'll have three choices:
  • You can implicate An'izius. This will earn you 3000 coppers and 100,000 xp when you return to Siabha.

  • You can implicate Siabha. This will earn you 3000 coppers and 100,000 xp when you return to An'izius.

  • You can implicate both of them. This will earn you 200,000 xp from the Guard Captain.
Regardless of your choice, when you return to Dallan, he'll reveal the fourth part of the key, and you'll earn 87,500 xp. Dallan will also direct you to Dona Quisho (#6) for the final key part.

6 - Dona Quisho / Fifth Part of Key

After you've completed Dallan's quest (#5), Dona Quisho will give you a quest. She'll tell you that she wants you to free the demon Agril-Shanak by reading a special scroll near the pentagram in the grain silo in Outer Curst. She'll then hand you the Scroll of Agril-Shanak.

Inside the grain silo, you'll find the pentagram on the upper floor. When you interact with it, you'll be allowed to examine the scroll, which will earn you 60,000 xp and summon Agril-Shanak. You'll have three choices for what to do with him:
  • If you talk to Agril-Shanak, then he'll tell you how to free him. You'll just need to break the pentagram. If you want, you can demand payment for this, and the fiend will give you the axe Heartgrinder. Agril-Shanak will then disappear, but you'll see him again in Carceri.

  • If you force-attack Agril-Shanak, then you'll be able to kill him, which will earn you 12,000 xp. He'll drop a Fiend's Blood Dagger when he dies.

  • You can also just leave Agril-Shanak in the pentagram.
Regardless of your choice, when you return to Dona Quisho, she'll tell you the final part of the key, and you'll earn 131,250 xp. If you left the fiend alive, or if you killed it but lie and say it's alive, then Quisho will also pay you 1500 coppers.

7 - Locked Room

When you enter this room, a Curst Thug will attack you, and you'll earn 300 xp for defeating him. Inside the room, you'll find a Silver Hairpin.

8 - Room

Inside this room, you'll find a set of Magic Punch Daggers.

9 - Berrog Quickshoes

Somewhere around here, you'll meet a thief named Berrog Quickshoes. He'll tell you that he came to Curst to free the deva, but that he must have said something wrong to the guards, because they're now hunting him. If you suggest that he just go home, then he will. You won't receive a reward for this interaction.

10 - Storage Room

Inside this room, you'll find a Heart Charm, Frosty Mint Candy, and Minaurosian Chocolate.

  1. Exit to Outer Curst.
  2. Staircase.