Location: Sensoriums (AR0603, AR0604)

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Note: The Public and Private Sensoriums can only be reached by talking to Splinter in the Civic Festhall.

1 - Sensate Guides

The guides here will allow you to use the standard and extravagant sensory stones in the Public Sensorium. The standard experiences will cost you 10 coppers but reward you with 750 xp, while the extravagant experiences will cost you 50 coppers but reward you with 1500 xp. So it's a good idea to try out all 20 experiences (two at each sensory stone). It'll cost you 440 coppers total but earn you 19,500 xp total.

2 - Lady Thorncombe

Lady Thorncombe is the mage trainer for the Civic Festhall, but like all of the trainers there, you'll have to convince her to return to work. To do this, you'll first have to visit the mage training chamber in the Festhall and talk to the mages there. The ones in the back of the chamber will tell you that Lady Thorncombe spends a lot of her time -- "perhaps too much" -- using the sensory stones in the Public Sensorium. This information will give you a new dialogue option with Lady Thorncombe, which will get her talking about her problem. If you have Wisdom 14+, then you'll learn that she's well and truly addicted to the stones.

Eventually, Thorncombe will get tired of talking to you, and she'll end the conversation. At this point, you should visit Salabesh the Onyx, who you'll find right outside the Festhall. He'll tell you (or he might have told you earlier) that he'd like to become the mage trainer in the Festhall himself and take Lady Thorncombe's place. When you reveal to him that Thorncombe is addicted to sensory stones and isn't training any longer, he'll be thrilled, and he'll promise to submit his resume soon (but he won't actually do anything).

To get Lady Thorncombe training again, you'll just need to return to her and tell her that Salabesh is angling for her job. This will make her mad enough that she'll return to the training chamber in the Festhall and start working with mages again. You'll earn 12,000 xp for your efforts, and when you talk to Thorncombe next, she'll have a variety of spell scrolls for sale.

3 - Sensory Stone Trap

When you use the sensory stone here, you'll enter a trap set for you by one of your crazier incarnations. No matter what you say, you'll eventually escape the trap and earn 500 xp.

4 - Deionarra's Sensory Stone / Quell

When you use the sensory stone here, you'll experience a conversation between Deionarra and a previous incarnation of yourself, where you'll lie and cajole and convince Deionarra to follow you to her death. This experience will earn you 6000 xp total, and you'll also learn the code 687-KS for a legacy at Advocate Iannis' house in the Clerk's Ward.

When you claim the legacy from Iannis, you'll receive Deionarra's Legacy, Deionarra's Wedding Ring, a Healing Scroll, two Heart Charms, and 8000 xp. You'll also be able to tell Iannis that his daughter has a sensory stone in the Private Sensorium. When you talk to Splinter in the Civic Festhall and explain the situation to him, he'll grant Iannis permission to visit the stone. When you relay this information to Iannis, you'll earn 8000 xp.

Near the sensory stone, you'll encounter a mage named Quell. He'll be eating candy when you meet him, and he won't like being interrupted. In fact, he'll call you a "beef-witted pig-nut" before sending you away. To get Quell to talk to you, you'll need to give him a Chocolate Quasit, which you can purchase from the Curiosity Shoppe in the Clerk's Ward. This exchange will earn you 8000 xp.

Once mollified, Quell will agree to sell you candies, including Blessed Candy, Frosty Mint Candy, and Stinky Chocolate. If you're a mage, then he'll also sell you spell scrolls. Finally, if you ask Quell about Ravel Puzzlewell, then he'll tell you how to find her -- after, of course, stressing that you shouldn't find her at all and that she's probably dead. Quell will reveal that Ravel is in one of the Lady of Pain's mazes, and that all such mazes use a portal for entering and leaving. Quell won't know what the portal is, but he will know that for the key, you'll need a piece of Ravel or her "taint." You can learn about Ravel's taint in the Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts.

5 - Ravel's Sensory Stone

When you use the sensory stone here, you'll receive a message from Ravel Puzzlewell. She'll order you to find her, and she'll tell you that you'll need three things for the trip: a door, a key, and knowledge of how to use the key. The door is the Unfolding Portal, which you can pick up in the Great Foundry. You'll learn about the key from Quell (#4) and the students at the Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts. For experiencing Ravel's message, you'll earn 6000 xp.

  1. Exits back to the Civic Festhall.