Location: Buried Village (AR0109)

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1 - Marta the Seamstress' Home

Inside this house, you'll meet Marta, who strips the valuables out of corpses for Pharod. If you have Intelligence 15+, then you'll be able to ask her to look for valuables inside your body. All of the dialogue here is amusing, but when you direct her to your intestines, you'll receive a Twisted Ring, some Intestines (which will eventually allow you to learn a spell from Ignus, so hang onto them), and 500 xp. Marta will also allow you to rest in her house for free.

Finally, Marta can act as a shopkeeper for you -- or not. If you ask her about buying things but lie and say you're there to pick things up, then she'll give you three Needles and Thread plus Gauntlets of Teeth. However, if you choose this path, then she won't buy or sell anything to you, now or later. If instead you're truthful to Marta, then you'll be able to buy Bandages, Needles and Thread, Glass Eyes, and Teeth of the Viper from her.

Inside Marta's house, you can pick up a Needle and Thread from a barrel. Outside her house, you can grab Bandages, a Battle Axe, and 18 coppers from a crate.

2 - Ojo the Leatherhead's Home

Inside this house, you'll meet Ojo. He'll give off lots of odd vibes, what with his bitten hand and references to the man in the wall (who, if you have enough Charisma, you'll learn is a Cranium Rat), but nothing will come from talking to him. Apparently, at one point Ojo was going to have an expanded role in the game, but his content was cut.

Outside this house, you'll meet Ku'u Yin. He'll tell you that he's from a futuristic, metallic world, but that Radine stole his name and number from him, leaving him with nothing. You'll find Radine to the south (#6). To see the full extent of the quest, you'll have to run back and forth between Radine and Yin three times.

The first time you talk to Radine, she'll refuse to give up the name and number, but Yin will ask you to be persistent. The second time you talk to Radine, she'll offer to buy the name and number for 20 coppers, but Yin will refuse the deal. The third time you talk to Radine, you'll get four dialogue options for acquiring the name and number:
  • Lawful: "You have no right to that name and number."
  • Good: "You don't need a number to live."
  • Evil: "Give it back or I'll take it from you." You can also threaten Radine during your first two conversations with her, for the same result.
  • Chaotic: "You don't need his kind of number to live. Make your own number."
Regardless of your choice, Radine will give you The Number of Ku'u Yin, and she'll tell you his name. If you return to Yin and give him his possessions, then he'll decide that he should use a new number, and he'll allow you to keep The Number of Ku'u Yin. You'll also earn 2500 xp.

3 - Quint's Shop

Quint is a shopkeeper. He'll sell you a variety of charms and weapons, plus an Angle-Less Eye. He'll also buy just about everything you might want to sell, making him useful to visit every so often.

If you ask Quint about himself, then he'll mention that he has a job for you. He'll tell you that Gris went into the Weeping Stone Catacombs two weeks ago and hasn't been seen since -- which is a problem since he took something of Quint's with him, a "necklace of poison teeth." So Quint will ask you to track down Gris and find the necklace.

You'll find Gris in the Weeping Stone Catacombs (Exit C), but you won't be able to talk to him until you've learned the Stories-Bones-Tell ability from Stale Mary in the Dead Nations. When you do talk to Gris, you'll learn that he hid Quint's necklace in the Buried Village before he died. You'll find it in a trash pile just to the south of Marta's house (#1).

When you deliver Quint's Poison Charm to him, you'll earn 250 coppers and 7500 xp.

4 - Uhir

Around here you'll meet a Collector named Uhir. He'll tell you that he lost his knife while fighting a ghoul down in the Weeping Stone Catacombs (Exit C). You'll find the Knifed Ghoul in the Dead Nations. It'll have Uhir's Knife, and it'll demand six Cranium Rat Tails in exchange. After making the trade, when you hand over the knife to Uhir, you'll earn 5000 xp.

5 - Shack

Inside this shack, you'll discover six Cranium Rats (worth 65 xp each) gnawing on a dead cat.

6 - Radine

Radine is involved in Ku'u Yin's quest (#2). In a box near Radine, you'll find a Silver Earring and a Tarnished Silver Bracelet.

7 - Shack

Inside this shack, you'll find 45 coppers in a pair of containers.

8 - Gate / Barr

Next to the locked gate here, you'll meet some guards, including Barr. Barr won't open the gate for you -- or even talk to you much -- unless you've met with Pharod (Exit B) and received his quest. Then Barr will open the gate for you and allow you to enter the Weeping Stone Catacombs (Exit C).

When you return to the gate from the catacombs, if you don't have the Bronze Sphere that Pharod is looking for, then Barr will try to charge you 50 coppers to let you back into the village. If you don't want to pay him, and if you have a high enough Dexterity, then you can bait him into reaching through the gate, which will allow you to pin his arm and convince him that it's healthier for him to let you through for free. You can also pretend to pay him 50 coppers but only pay him 40 coppers.

Note: If you kill Barr and the other gate guards, then new hostile gate guards will spawn every time you enter the map, and you'll have to kill them and then bash open the gate to get through. So it's better to find a more diplomatic way to deal with Barr.

  1. Exit to the Trash Warrens.
  2. Exit to Pharod's Court.
  3. Exit to the Weeping Stone Catacombs.