Side Quest: The Maggot in the Apple

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You'll automatically trigger this quest after fetching Ointments and A Guard's Helm for Gawen (which only happens if you decide not to trust Marianne).


With the guards not yet knowing that Gawen has escaped, you'll come up with a plan that will make it easier for you to explore the Dungeons and find Mors. You'll decide to visit the training grounds in the Courtyard and "accidentally" wound some of Harlton's men while sparring.

When you reach the training grounds (#1), you'll find Ser Ethan there, and he'll be anxious for a fight -- to prove that the Seven are more powerful than your god R'hllor. You can face up to four soldiers during this quest, but the battles will be difficult, and you won't exit combat in between all of them, meaning it's a good idea to plan ahead and purchase some healing potions and Wildfire before starting. You can shop at the potions merchant on the other side of the Courtyard (#3) if you need to.

Note: The Strangler poison is useful, too -- in this quest and elsewhere -- but you won't be able to purchase it in Castlewood, and you won't be allowed to leave Castlewood.

For defeating Ethan and / or the other soldiers, you'll earn 100 xp. If you defeat the soldiers, then you won't face them later in the quest.

1 - Ser Ethan

2 - Domeric

No matter what you might have said to Domeric earlier, he'll be happy to see you, and he'll tell you some rumors about Ser Ethan (#1).

3 - Potions Merchant