Side Quest: New Blood
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You'll receive this quest from Jeor Mormont at the start of Chapter 7.


For this quest you'll need to recruit new brothers for the Night's Watch. This quest will last you for the rest of the game. There are three main areas where you can find recruits. They are described below.

Mole's Town (starting in Chapter 7)

You won't need to do anything special to gain access to the two recruits in Mole's Town.

• Andar (Mole's Town Brothel). You'll recognize Andar as a defector from the Night's Watch. You'll be able to execute him (for 50 xp) or send him back to the Wall.

• Gulian (Mole's Town Tunnels). Inside the Mole's Town Brothel you'll meet Willow, who will suggest that a man named Gulian might make a good recruit. When you talk to Gulian, you'll discover that he's a bard looking for an audience, and you'll be able to convince him that he'd have access to a lot of ears if he were to join the Night's Watch.

King's Landing (starting in Chapter 11)

Inside King's Landing, you'll meet the black brother Morros near the entrance. He'll tell you where you can find recruits in the city. You won't be allowed to interact with any of the recruits before having this conversation.

• Jarl and Monterys (King's Landing, east of the entrance to the Red Keep). You'll find Jarl and Monterys surrounded by a city guard and several angry peasants. When you inquire about them, you'll learn that they tortured and killed several people, and that they're scheduled to be executed tomorrow. You'll then have three ways to proceed. You can leave the murderers to their fate and not recruit them; you can convince the angry mob that the Wall is a worse punishment than death, which will allow you to recruit them without fighting anybody; or you can make the Wall sound not so bad, in which case you'll have to fight the mob (worth 100 xp) to gain the recruits.

• Four prisoners (Dungeons). Just outside the Red Keep, you'll meet a guard who will allow you to enter the Dungeons. Once there, you'll meet another guard who will expect a bribe from you. You'll have four choices. You can pay the guard 50 silver coins, you can give him Gerold Hightower's Gauntlets (worth 36 silver coins), you can intimidate him once and only pay 20 silver coins, or you can intimidate him twice and fight him plus two other guards (worth 100 xp). Regardless, you'll end up with four new recruits.

Riverspring (starting in Chapter 13)

Inside Riverspring, you'll meet the city guard Jon near the entrance. He'll remind you that there are still people in the dungeons from the riots, and Mors will decide that they might be a fit for the Night's Watch. You won't be allowed to interact with any of the recruits (in the dungeons or otherwise) before having this conversation.

• Donnor (marketplace). When you talk to Donnor, he'll explain that he's seeking worthy adversaries, and he'll challenge Mors to a duel. If Mors wins (by taking Donnor to half health), then Donnor will agree to take the black. If Mors refuses to fight Donnor, then you'll earn 20 xp.

• Female Villager (near the entrance to the Courtyard). The female villager will volunteer to go to the Wall, making her easy to recruit.

• Little Leo, Mellara, Quenten and Zachery (Tunnels beneath Riverspring Castle, in cells). It's possible you'll only see some of these prisoners, depending on your actions earlier in the game. The prisoners will be easy to convince to go to the Wall. If you refuse to take Little Leo, Quenten, or Zachery, then you'll earn 20 xp each. Mors will refuse to take Mellara even if he previously took the female villager.

• Villager (near the docks). The villager will tell you that he borrowed some money from bandits, and that they're now planning to hurt him. Mors will want to recruit the villager right away, but Alester will decide to go after the bandits first. You'll find the bandits just to the south. After defeating them, the bandit leader will beg you for his life, allowing you to recruit him. Then you'll be able to return to the villager and recruit him, too. If you kill the bandit leader or refuse to take the villager, then you'll earn 20 xp each.

• Waltyr (near the entrance to the Godswood). The cobbler Waltyr will tell you that Valarr's men killed his family and ruined his business, leaving him bereft. It won't take much effort to convince him to join the Night's Watch. If you refuse Waltyr, then you'll earn 20 xp.


To complete the quest, you'll need to return to Jeor Mormont in Castle Black. You'll receive 20-40 xp for each recruit you brought in, for a total of about 500 xp if you recruited everybody. Mormont will also give you a Recruiting Officer's Cloak. If you convinced at least ten people to join the Night's Watch, then you'll also earn the achievement Endless Watch.