Main Quest: For This Night and All the Nights to Come (Part 1)

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When you finally gain control of Mors, you'll earn 100 xp, and you'll find yourself at the execution stump (#1). For the first objective of the quest, you'll need to head west to the exercise yard (#2), but you might want to explore Castle Black first and pick up some loot. Among other things, you'll find an Executioner's Axe (#1), some Westeros Archives (#3, #4, #5, and #10), and some armor (#6, #8). You can also pick up a side quest (#11).

Note: To equip a weapon (on the PC), you'll first have to right click on it, and then you'll have to left click on the hand slot that you want to assign it to. If an item can only go to one slot (which is the case for most armor items), then you'll only need to right click on it to equip it.

At the exercise yard, you'll receive some tutorial information about combat, and you'll get a chance to spar with the four new recruits: Celtigar, Patrek, Poddy, and Ronnet. If you "show them who's in charge here" during the initial conversation, then you'll face off against all of them (one or two at a time), and you'll receive the bonus Chapter 1 Achievement. But regardless, you'll receive 250 xp at the start of the exercise and 200 xp at the end of it. Afterwards, you might want to visit with the Castle Black steward in the exercise yard; he'll have a variety of "worn" weapons available for free. The other merchants at Castle Black (#7 and #9) will charge you regular prices for their wares, and you probably won't be able to afford anything from them until later.

When you're ready to travel to Icemark, you'll need to head to the west gate (Exit W). Celtigar, Poddy, and Ronnet will travel with you to hunt for Cregan.

1 - Execution Stump

On the stump you'll find an Executioner's Axe.

2 - Exercise Yard

In the exercise yard you'll meet the Castle Black steward, who will "sell" you some basic weapons. Only ammunition will cost you anything.

3 - Westeros Archive

On the ground in front of the gate here you'll find the archive for Benjen Stark.

4 - Westeros Archive

On the wall here you'll find the archive for Maester Aemon.

5 - Westeros Archive

On the counter here you'll find the archive for The First Men.

6 - Chest

Inside the chest here you'll find Worn Plate Gauntlets.

7 - Potions Merchant

8 - Chest

Inside the chest here you'll find a Leather Hood.

9 - Blacksmith and Armor Merchant

10 - Westeros Archive

On the table here you'll find the archive for Lord Commander of the Night's Watch.

11 - Walder

Walder will give you the side quest The Faith of Our Ancestors.

  1. Entrance to the Common Hall.
  2. Stairs between Level 1 and Level 2 of the Common Hall.
  3. Stairs between Level 2 and Level 3 of the Common Hall.
  4. World exit.