Main Quest: Ice and Fire
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Once the cut scene plays out, you'll either control Alester against Mors or Mors against Alester. There isn't any way to save both characters, so you'll have to kill the one you're fighting against. About halfway through the battle, a squad of gold cloaks led by Harrold Celtigar will storm into the throne room, and Alester and Mors will agree to a truce while they deal with the intrusion. You'll earn 600-750 xp for this battle.

Afterwards, Alester and Mors will continue fighting. Two times during the fight, the two will stop and talk, and all effects will disappear from them. So a poison like Strangler won't help you as much in this fight as it would otherwise. Eventually, you'll kill your opponent, and Varys will enter the throne room with Jeyne's baby. You'll then have to decide its fate.

Depending on the character you're playing and the fate you choose for the baby, one of four endings will play out:
  • If you chose Alester and decided to give the baby to Queen Cersei, then Cersei will hold up her end the bargain, and she'll give Riverspring to Alester. However, wracked by guilt, Alester won't enjoy his rule, and eventually he'll kill himself.

  • If you chose Alester and decided to send the baby to safety, then Queen Cersei will have her men kill Alester.

  • If you chose Mors and decided to keep the baby, then Mors will desert the Night's Watch and attempt to start a new life at Westford Cottage. However, people won't forget about him or the baby, and his life will be a struggle.

  • If you chose Mors and decided to send the baby to safety, then Mors will return to the Wall, but he'll be dead inside, and he won't enjoy his remaining years.