Main Quest: Promise (Part 2)

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When you arrive at Castlewood, Ethan will escort you to the interior of the cast (Exit A), but you're not required to follow him. If you want, you can explore the Courtyard and do some shopping first. You'll have a tough fight ahead, so you might want to upgrade your armor (#2) or purchase some potions / poisons / fire (#3).

Inside Castlewood, you'll need to speak with Lord Harlton (#4). He'll welcome you to his castle, and he'll suggest that Jeyne meet with his maester. If you want, you can escort Jeyne to Maester Martin's room (#5), but this won't change anything, and you'll immediately have to return to Harlton. When you continue your conversation with Harlton, you'll reveal why you had to take the black, and then Harlton will invite you and Jeyne to dinner. You'll receive 50 xp at the end of the conversation.

Before attending dinner, you'll need to pick up Jeyne from Maester Martin's room (#5). This will give you an opportunity to talk to Martin, as well as grab another Westeros archive. When you talk to Jeyne, she'll inform you that she's in no condition to travel, and that she'd like to stay in the castle for a while. You'll receive 50 xp at the end of the conversation.

When you lead Jeyne to the dining hall (#6), you'll find Harlton there waiting for you. During dinner, Harlton will reveal his plans for Jeyne, but Jeyne won't be interested, and you'll eventually realize that you've been drugged. At this point, three things will happen: you'll earn 50 xp, Harlton will have Jeyne taken away, and Harlton will sic his men on you. You'll then have to fight six soldiers (four at the start and then two more later). If you can survive this fight (Wildfire helps), then you'll earn the bonus trait Habit (damage resistance to critical hits +2%). But either way, you'll end up collapsing, and you'll be taken to the castle Dungeons.

Inside the Dungeons, Harlton's men Harys and Guts will "question" you (#10). You'll have three ways to respond:
  • You can tell the truth. This will eventually get you killed, and you'll have to load your game.

  • You can insult everybody and refuse to say anything. This will get you heavily tortured, but you'll gain the bonus trait Indomitable Will (damage resistance +6%, endurance -1) plus the bonus achievement for this chapter.

  • You can insult everybody and then lie. This will get you lightly tortured, and you'll earn the bonus trait Fast Talker (intelligence +1).
After the torturing sequence, you'll gain control of the dog (#7), and you'll need to lead it to the other prisoner in the Dungeons (#11). This will require you to rip out the throat of a few soldiers (worth 65 xp each), plus make use of the frequent low arches in the walls. You'll also get spotted by a soldier at one point (#8), and you'll have to hide in a particular spot (#9). The route you'll need to take through the Dungeons is shown on the map above.

When you reach the other prisoner (#11), he'll free himself from his cell, and you'll witness the torturers sticking a hot brand in Mors' eye. That's how the chapter will end.

1 - Domeric

Domeric will ask you for news of his nephew Poddy. It won't make any difference what you tell him.

2 - Armor Merchant

3 - Potions Merchant

4 - Throne Room

5 - Maester Martin's Room

Inside the room (on a table), you'll find the Westeros archive for Valyria.

6 - Dining Hall

7 - Starting Point for Dog

8 - Soldier

9 - Hiding Place

10 - Mors

11 - Prisoner

$ - Secret Stash

  1. Entrance to the Ground Floor of Castlewood.
  2. Exit to the Upper Floor of Castlewood. You won't be able to do much on this floor until later.