Main Quest: For All the Days Gone By (Part 3)

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Inside the Riverspring Castle, you'll find Maester Harwyn in the throne room (#2). He'll reveal that your father disinherited Gawen, which might explain Gawen's actions, and he'll also let you know that Gawen was fond of visiting your manse in King's Landing. This will give you two reasons to go there (finding Gawen plus petitioning Queen Cersei about Valarr), and so you'll make it the next stop on your journey. But first you'll decide to go to your room so you can contact the R'hllor priesthood and let them know that you won't be returning to them anytime soon.

You'll find your room on Level 2 of the castle (#5). When you go inside, you'll automatically contact the priesthood, and then you'll don more appropriate cloths -- Alester Sarwyck's Armor -- before trimming away most of your beard.

Note: Many parts of the castle will be inaccessible to you at this point, but if you explore it thoroughly then you can pick up three Westeros archives (#1, #3 and #4).

1 - Archive

On the water spigot here you'll find the Westeros archive for House Tully.

2 - Harwyn

3 - Archive

Beside the throne you'll find the Westeros archive for House Sarwyck.

4 - Archive

On a chest in Harwyn's room you'll find the Westeros archive for The Citadel.

5 - Alester's Room

  1. Exit to the Courtyard.
  2. Stairs between Level 1 and Level 2.