Side Quest: Avenge Riverspring

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You'll trigger this quest in the meeting room of the Brotherhood (located in the Secret Tunnels of Riverspring Castle) when you find a document mentioning that a brother named Mallador Brax (aka the Collector) has been diverting funds from Riverspring.


From the document you'll learn that the Brax has a manse in King's Landing. Inside, you'll meet Brax's servant Gerion (at Exit A), who will quickly realize why you're there and call for help. You'll then have to defeat numerous guards and pick up a key (#2) as you make your way through the manse to confront Brax. You'll receive roughly 450 xp for these battles.

When you reach Brax (#8), he'll taunt you for a bit, and then he and a pair of guards will attack you. Brax has an ability that can knock you down, so try to save your energy so you can interrupt him at opportune moments. After the battle, you'll find a lot of good stuff on Brax and inside his office: the Westeros archive for The Westerlands, a Cavalry Mace, Gerold Hightower's Gauntlets, The Stranger, the document Initiation of Collector into the Shadow Council, and nearly 100 silver coins. You'll also earn 195 xp.

1 - Document

On the end table here you'll find the document Seizure.

2 - Gerion

After meeting Gerion at the entrance to the manse (Exit A), this is where he'll flee. When you kill him, you'll find the Key to the Collector's Cellars on his corpse.

3 - Locked Grate

You'll need the Key to the Collector's Cellars (#2) to open this grate.

4 - Secret Doors

You'll need to use your Vision of R'hllor to detect these doors.

5 - Slave Cells

To open these cells, you'll need the Key to the Collector's Slave Cells (#6). You won't receive any sort of a reward for freeing the slaves, although in one of the cells you'll find Elite Broadhead Arrows and Elite Broadhead Bolts (in a straw pile).

6 - Slaver

In this room you'll encounter a slaver and some guards. The slaver will drop a Battle Mace and the Key to the Collector's Slave Cells when he dies. Also in the room, you'll find the document A Most Rewarding Transaction inside a shelf.

7 - Guards

One of the guards here will drop a War Scythe.

8 - Mallador Brax

  1. Manse entrance.
  2. Manse exit.