Main Quest: Bounds

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You'll begin this quest with Alester and Mors in the Riverspring Castle Courtyard. When Mors learns that Valarr has left for Castlewood, he'll demand that you rescue Jeyne, and the two of you will decide that you can use Valarr's attack on the castle as a diversion. To reach Castlewood, you'll need to talk to Victor at the Riverspring docks, but before leaving you might want to explore the town and loot the numerous corpses, and also complete the quests New Blood and The Faith of Our Ancestors.

Inside Castlewood, you'll start out at the river gate (#1), and you'll almost immediately run into Mors' dog (#2). With the dog back in your party, you'll have two ways to proceed:
  • You can be stealthy and use the dog to clear a path to Jeyne. For the most part this will be straightforward because Harlton's guards will be conveniently separated. You'll just need to avoid packs of guards and use Alester or Mors to open a few doors (such as the one at #3). When you reach the Upper Floor, a guard there will always spot you (#4), and he'll run towards the other guards, closing and locking a gate behind him (#5). To foil the guard, you'll just need to chase him down with the dog, which will be able to fit through a gap in the gate. If you manage to reach Jeyne undetected, then you'll earn the achievement Quiet as a Shadow, and you'll also receive about 1200 xp.

  • You can be noisy and kill each and every guard who gets in your way. Following this path will net you about 1100 xp.
When you reach Jeyne (#9), you'll find her being guarded by Ser Ethan and two other guards (unless the guard at #4 warned him, and then you'll face four guards). After winning the battle, Jeyne will announce that she's going into labor, and you'll try to make your escape -- but you'll run right into Harlton and his men. After a lengthy conversation, you'll run back into Jeyne's room and bolt the door. This will give you a chance to loot the room, where you'll find a Guardless Broadsword and the Westeros archives for The Greyjoy Rebellion and Rhaegar Targaryen. You'll then need to find a way to escape, which Alester can accomplish by using his Vision of R'hllor ability to detect a secret door in the eastern wall.

When you go through the secret door, you'll earn 300 xp, and you'll come to a staircase (Exit B), which will take you back down to the Ground Level. From this point on you won't have any choice; you'll have to fight your way back to the river entrance (#1). Along the way, you'll have three battles, culminating with Ser Desmond and Lord Harlton in the throne room (#9). Alester and Mors will have to deal with Desmond (Strangler is a good choice for him), but Valarr's shadow will take care of Harlton. You'll receive about 1400 xp in total for the battles.

As you continue your escape from Castlewood, Jeyne will collapse, and Mors will deliver her baby -- a son. Then Valarr will break through into the castle, and Alester, Mors, and the baby will escape, but Jeyne will die. On your journey back to Riverspring, you'll decide that Maester Harwyn should examine the baby.

When you reach Harwyn, he'll have some bad news for you. He'll tell you that King Robert is dead, killed in a hunting accident, and that King's Landing is now in chaos. You'll decide to take advantage of the situation to slip in and kill Valarr before he's made a lord. You'll also decide to have Harwyn take the baby to King's Landing, where you hope Varys will be able to send it to safety. Finally, Harwyn will inform you that a raven recently arrived from Castle Black, and that it carried A Message from the Wall. Reading the message will trigger the quest Not So Wild.

To complete the quest, you'll just need to return to Alester's room in Riverspring Castle. When you get there, you'll have to choose which one of your characters you'd like to control in the final chapter. This is one of two decisions that will affect the ending of the game, so if you'd like to see all four possibilities, then you should save your game just before entering Alester's room. If you choose Alester, then he'll gain the bonus trait Sarwycks' Vengeance (critical hit chance +4%). If you choose Mors, then he'll gain the bonus trait Westfords' Vengeance (health recovery +4%).

Note: When you begin Chapter 14, you'll be restricted where you can go. So if you have side quests to complete or shopping to do, then you should take care of them now before entering Alester's room.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Dog

3 - Locked Door

You'll need the Key to Castlewood Cellar to open this door. You'll find it on a nearby guard.

4 - Guard

5 - Locked Gate

You'll need Harlton's Bunch of Keys to open this gate. You'll find them in Harlton's office (#6), hidden in the fireplace (detectable by Mors' dog).

6 - Harlton's Office

Inside this office you'll find Stormbreaker on Harlton's desk, plus three documents scattered around the room: Concerns, The Hunting Party, and Missive from Beyond the Narrow Sea. You can also detect a pair of things: Alester can use his Vision of R'hllor ability to detect a secret passage to the left of the fireplace, and Mors' dog can detect Harlton's Bunch of Keys inside the fireplace.

7 - Harlton's Bedroom

On a table in this room you'll find the Westeros archive for Daenerys Targaryen.

8 - Jeyne's Room

9 - Throne Room

  1. Stairs between the Ground Level and Upper Level.
  2. Stairs between the Ground Level and Upper Level.