Side Quest: The Faith of Our Ancestors
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You'll receive this quest from Walder at the top level of the Castle Black Common Hall.


When you talk to Walder, he'll hand over your statuette of The Warrior, and you'll receive 80 xp. Walder will then offer to restore any other statuettes that you find during your travels, but this quest will span the entire game, and so you won't be completing it any time soon. Here's where you can find the statuettes representing the other six gods:
  • The Crone: Either given to you by Ravella or found on Ravella's corpse in Riverspring Castle (available starting in Chapter 12).

  • The Father: Found in a cabinet in Westford Cottage (available starting in Chapter 7).

  • The Maiden: Given to you by Bethany in King's Landing at the end of the quest Self-Made Girl (available starting in Chapter 8).

  • The Mother: Found in Jeyne's room in the brothel in Mole's Town (available only in Chapter 5).

  • The Smith: Sold by the Riverspring armor merchant (available starting in Chapter 2).

  • The Stranger: Found in the Collector's office in King's Landing during the quest Avenge Riverspring (available starting in Chapter 8).
Each time you turn in one of these statuettes, you'll receive 70 xp. Then once you've turned in all of them, Mors and Alester will have a conversation, and this conversation will decide part of the reward. If Mors keeps his devotion to the Seven, then you'll receive Glory of the Seven, a trinket only Mors can use. If Alester convinces Mors to worship R'hllor, then you'll receive Ashes of the Seven, a trinket only Alester can use. Either way, you'll also earn 400 xp.