Side Quest: Blood on the Sand

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You'll receive this quest when you exit the Sewers after defeating Orrok in the arena (during the quest A New Hope).


When you re-enter the Sewers and talk to Ossifer (#1), he'll offer you money to fight in the arena. For each fight, you'll need to head to your waiting room (#3) and then talk to the guard (#4) to get things rolling. You can also pay Wyl (#2) to learn about your current opponent(s). You'll face six challenges in all:
  • Fight 1: The Rubec brothers. The middle brother (the one directly in front of you) will have a poisoned weapon, so that's the one you should target (and spend your energy on) first. At the end of the battle you'll earn 20 xp, and when you return to Ossifer (#1) you'll earn 13 silver coins (by default) or 39 silver coins (if you ask for more).

  • Fight 2: Ser Symon. When you return to the waiting room (#3), you'll meet Maester Rupert there, and he'll give you a way to bet on your fights. Rupert will also explain how you can win more money by betting on your opponent and then losing, which sounds good... except you'll only get prize money from Ossifer if you win, and the prize money will always be way better than what you can get by betting. So for the most money, you should always just bet on yourself and win. If you follow this strategy then you can also ignore the crowd, and kill or spare your opponent as you see fit.

    For the fight itself, Ser Symon will heal himself, and so your best bet is to repeatedly stun him or knock him down to prevent him from using his abilities. You'll earn 30 xp and 39 silver coins for winning this fight (plus 5 or 10 silver coins for betting on yourself).

  • Fight 3: Bayard. When you talk to the guard to enter the arena, he'll reveal that he's Bayard's brother, and he'll offer you 20 silver coins if you spare Bayard. If you're planning on winning every fight, then you should accept this deal since upsetting the crowd won't make any difference. You'll earn 40 xp and 78 silver coins for winning the fight (plus 3 or 6 silvers coins for betting on yourself, plus 20 silver coins from the guard). You'll also receive 20 silver coins from Ser Symon (you'll find him with the spectators) if he's still alive, and if you spare Bayard.

  • Fight 4: Alequo. Alequo will drink invincibility potions and knock you down. You won't be able to do anything about the potions, but you should definitely interrupt his abilities or else he'll slice away your health quickly. You'll earn 50 xp and 157 silver coins for winning the fight (plus 3 or 6 silver coins for betting on yourself).

  • Fight 5: Boremund and Tristyfer, two Ironborn brothers. For this fight you'll get to pick a partner from your previous opponents who are still alive. The best choice depends on how you've built up Alester. If Alester is mostly DPS, then you should pick Ser Symon, since he's a tank. Otherwise you might be better off with Bayard or Alequo.

    During the fight, you should pick off the archer brother first, since he's the easiest to kill, and then focus on the remaining brother. You'll earn 60 xp, 1 gold coin, and 105 silver coins for winning the fight (plus 3 or 6 silver coins for betting on yourself). You can also earn 30 silver coins from Ser Symon if you spare the brothers.

  • Fight 6: Lucifer. This fight will be to the death, so obviously you should bet on yourself and try to win. Furthermore, when you talk to Rupert, you'll learn that your odds are 5:1 against, and that you can bet up to 40 silver coins on the fight. So make your bet and then head into the arena.

    The fight against Lucifer can be tough. If you have trouble with it, then you should buy some Strangler poison from the Potions Merchant in King's Landing, and use it on Lucifer at the start of the fight. Strangler will do more and more damage as the fight progresses, and it will kill Lucifer almost all by itself. You'll earn 80 xp and 3 gold coins for winning the fight (plus 160 silver coins for betting on yourself).
After defeating Lucifer, Ossifer and Rupert will head off to greener pastures, and you won't be able to do any more fighting in the arena. But from all of the betting and prize money, this quest will net you over 7 gold coins, which is a pretty good haul.

1 - Ossifer (Upper Level)

2 - Wyl the Drunkard (Upper Level)

3 - Waiting Room (Lower Level)

You'll meet a merchant in the waiting room, and he'll offer you Red Viper's Chainmail, Strong Belwas' Gauntlets, and more.

4 - Arena Guard (Lower Level)

  1. Main sewer entrance.
  2. Private sewer entrance.
  3. One-way sewer exit.