Side Quest: Self-Made Girl

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After infiltrating the Tower of the City Watch in Chapter 8, you'll meet Hubb near the entrance (#1), and he'll give you this quest.


Hubb will ask you to help his friend Bethany, who needs a "kind hand" because a lord has treated her badly. When you go to see Bethany (#2), you'll find her arguing with her cousin Guncer. Then in the ensuing conversation, you'll learn that Bethany is pregnant with Ser Gyles Langward's child, but that Ser Gyles has mysteriously abandoned her. Bethany will suspect that the Langward family is to blame, and she'll ask you to deliver Bethany's Plea for Help to Ser Gyles.

You'll find the Langward manse in the northern part of the city (#3). When you talk to the guard out front, he'll agree to fetch Ser Gyles for you. Gyles, meanwhile, will inform you that he's about to be married, and that he'd like to put Bethany behind him. He'll also reveal that he knew Bethany as a whore working at Chataya's, which means that she's not as innocent (or honest) as she presented herself. You'll gain 50 xp at the end of the conversation.

At this point you can pick a side in the matter, but what you should do instead is tell Ser Gyles that you'd like to make inquiries and then head over to Chataya's (#4). Chataya will describe Bethany as "a bad seed" and "dishonest," and she'll invite you to search Bethany's room. Inside the room, you'll find a Crumpled Letter on the desk, and if you use your R'hllor's Vision ability, then you'll also find a bag of Moon Tea in the pot next to the fireplace.

When you ask Chataya about the Moon Tea, she'll tell you that it prevents unwanted pregnancies, and that its effects linger in the body for several weeks -- meaning that Bethany lied about being pregnant as well. Chataya will also mention that Ser Gyles owes a "considerable debt" to the brothel, and she'll ask you to remind him of it. Finally, Chataya will request that you bring Bethany back to the brothel, where her training can still pay off.

When you return to Ser Gyles (#3) and tell him what you've learned, he'll be thrilled -- except for the part about his debt. If you press him to pay, then he'll leave in a huff. Otherwise he'll pay you a reward -- about 30 silver coins -- and then he'll return to his manse. You can also, if you want, ignore the information that you've learned and convince Gyles to see Bethany.

Back at Bethany (#2), she won't be too happy that her ruse didn't pan out, and you'll have up to three ways to respond:
  • If you try to convince Bethany to return to Chataya's, or if you bring Gyles with you but refuse to pay Bethany, then Guncer and his men will attack you. Only Guncer will put up much of a fight; the others will probably die in one hit, making them easy pickings if you have an area attack ability. After the battle, you'll earn 180 xp, and you'll find a War Bow and more on the bodies. If you never went to see Chataya, then Bethany will give you The Maiden at this point, and the quest will come to an end. Otherwise, you'll need to visit Bethany at Chataya's to receive The Maiden, plus 100 xp.

  • If you convince Gyles to pay Bethany, then Bethany will reward you with The Maiden.

  • If you decide that Bethany isn't worth the trouble and that she should stay with Guncer, then you'll need to return to Chataya (#4) to complete the quest. However, you won't receive any sort of reward for choosing this option.

1 - Hubb

2 - Bethany

3 - Langward Manse

4 - Chataya's