Main Quest: For This Night and All the Nights to Come (Part 2)

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When you arrive at Icemark, you'll gain 100 xp, and you'll discover that wildlings are in the area. Your quest objective will then change, and you'll be tasked with reaching Cregan before the wildlings get to him. However, despite this objective, you won't need to hurry. The battles in this part of the quest are all scripted, and they'll remain the same no matter how long it takes you to get to them.

As you make your way through Icemark, you'll run into some wildlings, but you'll have the recruits plus your dog with you, and so the battles against them should not be too bad -- at least until you reach the named enemies. As long as somebody in your party survives each battle, everybody will get back up at the end, and they'll all have full health and energy the next time you come under attack. So there isn't any reason to conserve your energy. Let those wildlings have it.

You'll find Cregan at the top level of the fort (#2). He'll have some dead wildlings around him, and he'll be in bad shape. When you talk to Cregan, he'll tell you that he tried to distract the wildlings so that his men could escape across the bridge to the north, and he'll warn you that two of the wildlings are "beasts." Then Cregan will die, saving you the trouble of executing him later. You'll find the Icemark Keys, A Ranger's Personal Belongings, and a flask of Dreamwine on Cregan's corpse. Completing the conversation with Cregan will also net you 250 xp and trigger the side quest Their Watch Is Ending.

With the Icemark Keys in hand, you'll be able to open the door to the north (#3). When you pass through, Celtigar will join your party, and you'll be able to control him in battle. To switch between characters (on the PC), just click on the portrait of the character you want to control, or press the tab key.

When you open the door to the north of the bonfire (#6), the two "beasts" that Cregan told you about will storm out. One will throw an axe and instantly kill Ronnet, and then the fight will be on. For best results, try to make sure that everybody is targeting the same enemy, and every so often switch to Celtigar and order him to use his skills. You might also need to use the Dreamwine that you found on Cregan.

After the battle, you'll get a chance to interrogate one of the wildlings, a man named Gendel. If you decide not to bother with him, then you'll earn the bonus trait Expeditious (critical hit chance +1%). If you torture him for as long as possible, then you'll earn the bonus trait Sadistic (critical hit damage +3%) instead. You'll also find a Flint Axe and Toregg's Helmet on the corpses of the wildlings, and you'll earn 450 xp for defeating them.

Note: If you gained all of the possible xp while at Castle Black, then completing the fight against Gendel will advance you to level 2, which will allow you to start controlling your dog during combat.

As you're descending back down to ground level (using the staircase on the northern side of the fort), Poddy will start freaking out, and you'll decide to leave him at the nearby balcony (#7), where he'll be safe -- and where he'll be able to cover your back. You'll then need to lead Poddy to the balcony and clear out the wildlings that you'll find there.

When you return to ground level, you'll discover several wildlings trying to dig through the fort's main gate (#8). After defeating them -- and a few of their friends -- Gorn will show up. He'll call on his archers to shoot Celtigar, and then he'll face you alone in combat. The battle against Gorn is easier than the one against Gendel (#6), but if you have trouble with it, then be sure to give your dog orders, and also try to interrupt Gorn when he uses his abilities.

After the battle, the remaining wildlings will attack you. No matter how you fare against them, the sequence will end in the same way, with you getting shot up and Qhorin Halfhand showing up just in time to save you. But if you manage to kill all of the wildlings around you, then you'll receive the bonus trait No Surrender, No Retreat (max health +5). You'll also receive the bonus trait Indestructible (damage resistance +1%) just for completing the sequence.

Note: You probably won't be able to loot any of the bodies in the final battle, but don't worry. You'll return to Icemark in Chapter 3.

1 - Locked Doors

There isn't any way to open these doors, even after receiving the Icemark Keys.

2 - Cregan

3 - Locked Door

You'll be able to unlock this door with the Icemark Keys found on Cregan's corpse (#2).

4 - Bonfire
You'll encounter seven wildlings here. After the battle, if you loot the ranger being roasted on the bonfire, then you'll find A Ranger's Personal Belongings, which you'll need for the quest Their Watch Is Ending.

5 - Corpse

On this corpse you'll find A Ranger's Personal Belongings, plus the Westeros archive for The Mythology of the Night's Watch.

6 - Door

7 - Corpse

On this corpse you'll find A Ranger's Personal Belongings.

8 - Balcony

9 - Wildlings

  1. Staircase between Levels 1 and 2.
  2. Staircase between Levels 2 and 3.
  3. World exit.