Main Quest: Crossroads (Part 1)

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You'll begin this chapter with Alester in conversation with the maid Shorei (#1). Shorei will give you a book from Harlton's niece Marianne. Inside the book you'll find a Letter from Marianne, which will invite you to a rendezvous in the cellar (#2).

When you reach the cellar, Marianne will talk to you about her uncle's plans, but then a soldier will rush in and put a knife to her throat. After a few moments, you'll discover that the soldier is your brother Gawen, who isn't dead after all. You'll then have to choose between trusting Marianne or not:
  • If you trust Marianne, then she'll pretend to fetch some medicine for Gawen, but what she'll really do is alert the guards to your presence, and bring a few, including Alesander, to arrest you. You'll then have to fight your way to the Dungeons (Exit B) so you can rescue Mors. You'll find the Key to Castlewood Dungeon on Alesander's corpse, and you'll earn at most 600 xp during the trip.

  • If you don't trust Marianne, then you'll tie her up and put her in a chest, which means the guards won't know anything about you. You'll then need to fetch two things for Gawen: Ointments from Maester Martin (#3), so you can heal Gawen's wounds, and A Guard's Helm from the barracks (#4), so you can complete Gawen's disguise, which will allow him to travel with you. While you're in the barracks, you'll automatically hear the guards Alesander and Roger bragging about forcing themselves on Shorei. Picking up the items for Gawen will earn you 100 xp.

    After taking care of Gawen, you'll get a chance to talk to him. He'll tell you that it was Harlton who poisoned your father, and that Harlton was also the one who planted the evidence in King's Landing so you'd think Gawen was dead. If you extend the conversation with Gawen as much as possible, then you'll earn the bonus trait Dogged Investigator (+1 skill point earned each level).

    When you reach the dungeon door (#5), you'll discover that it's locked. You'll have two choices for how to open it. You can lie to Alesander (#4) and tell him that Shorei is accusing him of rape, but that he might be able to silence her while she's alone in the cellar (#2). Alesander and Roger will then take off for the cellar, and you'll be able to kill them there and loot the Key to Castlewood Dungeon from Alesander's corpse. You can also convince Shorei to poison the guards in the barracks. For this you'll need to pay another visit to Maester Martin (#3) and convince him to give you the poison Heart's Bane. When you hand this over to Shorei, she'll poison the guards and give you 187 silver coins. You'll then be able to loot the Key to Castlewood Dungeon from Alesander's corpse. Either way, you'll also earn 380-400 xp.

    Note: Following this path will also allow you to complete the side quest The Maggot in the Apple, which will make rescuing Mors a little bit easier.
To complete this portion of the quest, you'll just need to pass through the dungeon door (#5), fight the guards on the other side (worth 75 xp), and then enter the Dungeons (via Exit B).

1 - Alester's Room

2 - Cellar

3 - Maester Martin's Room

4 - Barracks

5 - Dungeon Door

$ - Secret Stash

  1. Stairway between the Upper Level and Ground Level of Castlewood.
  2. Exit to the Dungeons.
  3. Exit to the Courtyard. You'll only be able to use this exit if you don't trust Marianne.