Main Quest: Crossroads (Part 2)

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When you enter the Dungeons with Gawen, you'll earn 200 xp (#1). Almost immediately you'll come under attack -- which will be a theme for this part of the quest -- and afterwards Gawen will shout out that they're about to kill Mors. You won't have any choice about what to do next. Most of the doors in the Dungeons will be locked, and you won't be able to return to the castle proper, so you'll have to head south to Mors' cell (#2).

When you reach Mors, you'll automatically rescue him from Harys and Guts, and you'll discover that Alester and Mors already know each other, and appear to be friends. However, while they're catching up, Endrew will sneak up and kill Gawen. You'll then have to defeat Endrew and the two guards with him. Mors won't be much help since he won't have a weapon equipped (unless you kept something in his secondary weapon set), and so Alester will need to do most of the work. In total, you'll receive 320 xp for the encounter, and you'll also find the short sword Turn-Cloak and the Castlewood Executioner's Keys on the corpses.

Note: Be sure to equip Mors when you get the chance. You'll find all of his gear in your inventory.

After the battle, Mors will ask you to help him track down his dog. You'll find it in the northwestern part of the Dungeons (#4) being kicked by a pair of guards. After dispatching the guards, the dog will join you, you'll find the Keys to Castlewood Keep, and you'll earn 135 xp. Then Mors will announce that one of the guards carries Jeyne's scent, and you'll decide to rescue her.

To find Jeyne, you can switch to the dog and follow her scent, switching back to Alester and Mors as necessary to defeat guards, or you can just stay with Alester and Mors and head upwards through the Upper Basement, Ground Floor, 1st Floor, 2nd Floor, and 3rd Floor. You'll only have one way to go, so you won’t exactly need to use the dog's tracking ability.

When you reach Jeyne (#14), you'll find her with Marianne. Alester will immediately put a knife to Marianne's throat, just in time for Harlton to show up with his men, and you'll have to decide what to do. If you kill Marianne, then Alester will earn the bonus trait Ladykiller (critical damage +2%), and if you let Marianne go, then Mors will earn the bonus trait Kindhearted (critical hit chance +1%). The rest of the encounter will play out automatically. Jeyne will protect you but remain in the castle, and Alester and Mors will escape by jumping out a window. The encounter will earn you 100 xp.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Mors

3 - Secret Room

You won't find anything in this room, but opening it up will give you an extra route through the Dungeons. The mechanism to open the room can be found by using Alester's Vision of R'hllor ability in the room just to the north.

4 - Dog

5 - Soldiers

If you completed the quest The Maggot in the Apple, then you'll find three wounded soldiers here, and Alester will automatically kill them. Otherwise, you'll have to kill them normally.

6 - Secret Passage

To detect the secret passage, you'll need to use Alester's Vision of R'hllor ability in the hallway next to it.

7 - Soldiers

You'll encounter three soldiers around here. If you go through the secret passage (#6), then you'll split the battle into two parts, making it easier. You'll earn 2100 xp for killing the three soldiers, which should be enough xp to get you to level 9.

8 - Chest

Inside the chest here you'll find the House Harlton Signet.

9 - Secret Door

To open the secret door here, you'll need to click on the shield next to it.

10 - Archive

In the shelf here you'll find the Westeros archive for The Reach.

11 - Soldiers

One of the soldiers here will drop the Key to Castlewood's High Tower.

12 - Archive

In the cabinet here you'll find the Westeros archive for The Dance of the Dragons.

13 - Secret Door

To open this secret door, you'll need to use Alester's Vision of R'hllor ability to detect the loose brick on the opposite wall.

14 - Jeyne / Marianne / Harlton

$ - Secret Stash

Only Mors' dog will be able to detect these stashes.

  1. Stairs between the Dungeons and the Upper Basement.
  2. Stairs between the Upper Basement and the Ground Floor.
  3. Stairs between the Ground Floor and the 1st Floor.
  4. Stairs between the 1st Floor and the 2nd Floor.
  5. Stairs between the 2nd Floor and the 3rd Floor.